Getting Help

If you run into issues using Google Compute Engine, you might consider filing a report or contacting Google directly. Use this page to help determine how to file your report and the best place to send it to.

Community support

  • Ask Questions

    • Discuss programming and development on Stack Overflow. If you have questions about application programming and development on Compute Engine, ask your question here.
    • Ask all about system administration on Server Fault. If your question is specifically about troubleshooting Compute Engine resources instead of programming and development, start here.

    On both sites, you can use the official google-compute-engine tag. Review our FAQ before posting a new question.

  • Discuss Google Compute Engine

    Discuss Google Compute Engine at the Google Compute Engine discussion group: gce-discussion.

  • Stay informed

Where to file a report

Type of request Where to file a report
Billing issues Billing support
Bugs, defects, and feature requests User Voice forum
Documentation feedback (incorrect documentation, general feedback, suggestions) User Voice forum
Production issues (including performance issues) User Voice forum
Paid support If you are a paid support customer, contact Google directly.
SLA violation Billing support
Report abuse Abuse form

Billing issues

Example: my credit card is stuck in pending state

Common billing questions are answered in the FAQ. If your question remains unresolved, contact billing support.

Bugs and defects

Example: My instance is running much slower than usual

If your issue is not answered by the FAQ or remains unresolved, post your question to the User Voice forum with the following information:

  • What steps will reproduce the problem?
  • What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
  • What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?
  • Please provide any additional information.

File a feature request

Example: Google Compute Engine should add feature X

Your feature request might already have been filed on the User Voice forum. If so, upvote the feature to indicate that you would like to see it added.

If not, gather the following information and post the feature request to the User Voice forum:

  • What is the desired behavior of the feature? (Be specific!)
  • If relevant, why are current approaches or workarounds insufficient?
  • If relevant, what new use cases will this feature enable?

Documentation feedback

Example: Documentation for X is out of date

If you run into issues while using the documentation, have general feedback, or want to make a suggestion, you can post your comments to the User Voice forum with the following information (if applicable):

  • What URL are you reporting?
  • What was inaccurate?
  • General comments or suggestions

Production issues

Example: my instance is running very slow

If you have a paid support contract, contact Google directly.

If you experienced an SLA violation, contact Billing support.

You can also report virtual machine abuse.

You may file a production issue report for your application. Google reads these reports but cannot reply individually. Operational support for individual applications is not provided via the issue tracker.

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