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Powerful Web Admin UI

Manage and get insights into everything that powers your cloud application -- including web applications, data analysis, virtual machines, datastore, databases, networking, and developer services. Google Cloud Console helps you deploy, scale and diagnose production issues in a simple web based interface. Search to quickly find resources and connect to instances via SSH in the browser. Handle devops workflows on the go with powerful native iOS and Android applications. Master the most complex development tasks with Google Cloud Shell, your admin machine in the cloud.

Find and Manage Your Resources Quickly

Never be in doubt about your cloud resources. You can easily find your resources, check their health, have full management control over them, set budgets to control how much you spend on them.

DevOps on the Go!

Be on call and on the go with the powerful native iOS and Android applications. With the mobile app you can get an alert, inspect the system well enough triage the issue and even take basic actions (reboot a server, rollback a release, etc).

Secure Administrative Interface

Managed enterprise wide settings. Configure access management for your entire organization. Audit all resource access and configuration changes. Set spending budgets to control costs.

Go from Data to Insights

Data scientists and data novices alike benefit from advanced data managements, storage and processing capabilities of the Cloud Console.

Empower Developer Productivity

Whether it is a large team of developers or a single-developer shop, Cloud Console magnifies developers productivity. Developers can securely deploy complex systems, quickly isolate issues in production, and manage their entire system from Cloud Console.

Cloud Console Features

Resource Management
Quickly find and check the health of all your cloud resources in one place. Virtual machines, network settings, data storage… all the things!
Powerful Data Management
Store, query and process small and big data.
See detailed breakdown of your recent bill. Set spending budgets to avoid surprises.
SSH in Browser
Quickly and securely connect to your virtual machine instances via SSH directly from the browser.
Activity Stream
Understand all the activities happening in your cloud applications in one place. See what your teammates are updating in the project to track down issues and audit access.
Mobile Apps
Handle DevOps tasks on the go with native iOS and Android Cloud Console mobile applications.
Cloud Shell
Cloud Shell is your admin machine in the cloud.  Quickly handle power tasks on this instant-on linux box fully equipped with all your favorite tools including the cloud SDK pre configured, authenticated and ready to go.
Track down production issues quickly. Logs viewer enables quickly search and filtering of logs gathered in real time from all your instances. Stackdriver Trace gives detailed latency reports helping your speed up your app and use fewer resources. Stackdriver Debugger gives you a full stack trace and local variables at any source and line number.
Manage and audit co-workers access to project resources.
Explore, launch, and manage solutions in just a few clicks, including infrastructure, OS, database, blog, CMS, CRM, developer tools, and other easy to launch solutions.
Available in German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese.


Cloud Console is free of charge for Cloud Platform customers.