Cloud Tools for Android Studio

Build backend services on Google Cloud Platform for your Android apps

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Power Android Apps with Cloud Platform

Using Android Studio you can easily add cloud-based backends to your Android apps. In a couple of clicks, Android Studio can add the required code and dependencies to your project for a fully functional backend that you can easily extend with the features you want, such as data storage. You can also run and test the backend locally, and debug it along with your Android app that uses the backend. When you're finished developing, you can deploy your backend live from within Android Studio to make it accessible by all users of your app.

Accelerate Development

Quickly build your mobile backends with Android Studio plugins and frameworks developed and maintained by Google. Our plugins make it easy to connect backend services with your apps using simple HTTP, Google Cloud Endpoints and Google Cloud Messaging.

Scale on Google Infrastructure

Build your backend for mobile apps in Android Studio and deploy to Cloud Platform. Backends running on Google App Engine automatically scale to support millions of users without the hassle of purchasing or running your own servers.

Unify the Development Experience

Cloud Tools for Android Studio lets you code, build, test and validate your backends in the same environment you use to develop your mobile apps.

Store source and debug

The Android Studio plugin for Google Cloud Source Repositories lets you use hosted Git repos on Cloud Platform to store backend source code with your deployed services. You can then use Google Cloud Debugger in the Cloud Platform Console for real-time debugging of your mobile backend.

Cloud Tools for Android Studio Features

Build backend services on Google Cloud Platform for your Android apps

Built-in Android Studio modules for Java App Engine backends that use simple HTTP, Cloud Endpoints and Cloud Messaging to connect to your mobile apps.
Source Plugin
Plugin that lets interact with a Cloud Source Repository hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Tools for Android Studio PRICING

Android Studio is available to Google Cloud Platform users free of charge.