Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis is a feature that analyzes messages from both a human agent and end-user to determine emotional intent. You can enable it during conversation profile creation or editing. If you are editing an existing conversation profile, you will only see the effects in conversations after the conversation profile updates. You also have the option to enable Sentiment Analysis when you create a conversation profile using the Agent Assist console.

  1. Set enableSentimentAnalysis to true in MessageAnalysisConfig.
  2. Send a createConversation request using a ConversationProfile with this feature enabled.
  3. If the conversation is with a human agent, no further settings are needed. Sentiment results are returned in AnalyzeContentResponse.message.sentimentAnalysis.
  4. If the conversation includes a virtual agent or chat bot, you must enable additional settings in order to see sentiment results in AnalyzeContentResponse.