Knowledge Assist

This page contains the API documentation for the Knowledge Assist UI module. This module is used to show helpful articles and FAQ suggestions to agents during the course of a conversation.


Import the module in your HTML page using the following code:

<script src=""></script>

Embed the module using the following tag:



Property name Type Comment
features string Comma-separated list of Knowledge Assist features that should be rendered (ARTICLE_SUGGESTION, FAQ, and ARTICLE_SEARCH).


Attributes are string-based component properties which can be set in the following ways:

From your HTML template directly:

<element-selector property-name="value">

From your JavaScript code:

var el = document.querySelector('element-selector');
el.setAttribute('property-name', 'value');


Property name Type Comment
config KnowledgeAssistConfig Optional configurations for Knowledge Assist module.


Inputs are typically JavaScript objects or other complex property types which must be assigned on the element instance directly:

const el = document.querySelector('element-selector');
el.propertyName = value;


See the following section for the custom types used by the component.


interface KnowledgeAssistConfig {
  articleLinkConfig: {
     * Whether to open the article in a new tab, or as a popup. Defaults to new
     * tab.
    target?: "blank" | "popup";
     * Options to configure the popup's size and location. See
    popupWindowOptions?: string;
     * The field name on the document metadata if a separate article link source
     * is provided.
    linkMetadataKey?: string;