Create a knowledge base

The Agent Assist Article Suggestion and FAQ Assist features follow a conversation between a human agent and an end-user and provide the human agent with relevant document suggestions. Both features make suggestions based on knowledge bases, collections of documents that you upload to Agent Assist. These documents are called knowledge documents and can be either articles (for use with Article Suggestion) or FAQ documents (for use with FAQ Assist). See the knowledge documents documentation for best practices information and the data overview page for more details on the types of data that can be uploaded to Agent Assist. This tutorial walks you through the steps required to create a knowledge base and add documents to it using the Agent Assist Console.

Before you begin

  1. Follow the Dialogflow setup instructions to enable Dialogflow on a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) project.
  2. Enable the Data Labeling API for your project. Agent Assist uses the Data Labeling API to create your knowledge base.
  3. We recommend that you read the Agent Assist basics page before starting this tutorial.
  4. If you are creating a knowledge base for use with Article Suggestion, make sure that your knowledge documents are in one of two formats:
  5. If you are creating a knowledge base for use with FAQ Assist, make sure that your FAQ documents are in one of three formats:

    If your FAQ document is in .csv format, it must contain two columns. FAQ questions must be listed in the first column, and the answers to each question must be listed in the second column. Each FAQ question and its associated answer is called an FAQ pair. Make sure that the .csv file does not contain a header row.

Create a knowledge base

  1. Navigate to the Agent Assist Console. Select your GCP project, then click on the Data menu option on the far left margin of the page:

    The Data menu displays all of your data. There are two tabs, one each for conversation datasets and knowledge bases:

  2. Click on knowledge bases, then the +Create new button at the top of the knowledge bases page:

  3. In the menu that pops up enter a name for the knowledge base and choose a language:

  4. You will see a list (currently empty) of all documents that are part of this knowledge base. To add a document, click +Create New. The following page appears:

  5. Under choose a knowledge type select FAQ if you're uploading FAQ documents for use with FAQ Assist, and article suggestion if you're uploading articles for use with Article Suggestion.

  6. Under choose a file source, choose the location of the document you're adding. See the before you begin section for details on supported locations and file formats.

  7. Click Create to add the document.

What's next

Create a conversation profile using the Agent Assist Console.