Custom Events

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All communication between the Agent Assist UI modules and their connectors happens through custom events. For example, when an Agent Assist suggestion is received, a connector service will dispatch an analyze-content-received event to the UI modules. The modules are subscribed to these events.

For example, in the connector service:

    this.api.analyzeContent(...).then((response) => {
      dispatchAgentAssistEvent('analyze-content-response-received', {
       detail: {response}});

In the module:

    addAgentAssistEventListener('analyze-content-response-received', (response) => {
    // Use the AnalyzeContent response to render suggestions in the UI.

You can also use these events to create your own custom connectors. Custom connectors allow you to integrate the UI modules into an agent system that isn't currently supported by Agent Assist (only LivePerson is supported). For more information about implementing modules and connectors, see the implementation documentation.

Agent Assist UI module events

Event name Payload Description
active-conversation-selected ActiveConversationSelectedPayload Dispatched when a new conversation has been selected.
analyze-content-requested AnalyzeContentRequestDetails Dispatched when an AnalyzeContent request should be made.
analyze-content-response-received PayloadWithConversationName Dispatched when a new AnalyzeContent response has been received.
conversation-completed Void Dispatched when the Dialogflow conversation has completed.
conversation-details-received PayloadWithConversationName Dispatched when conversation details are received from the SDK (including agent and customer info).
conversation-model-requested ConversationModelRequestedPayload Dispatched to fetch a conversation model resource.
conversation-model-received ConversationModel or null Dispatched when a conversation model resource has been received.
conversation-profile-requested ConversationProfileRequestedPayload Dispatched to fetch a conversation profile resource.
conversation-profile-received ConversationProfile Dispatched when a conversation profile resource has been received.
conversation-initialization-requested ConversationInitializationRequestedPayload Dispatched when the Dialogflow conversation should be initialized.
conversation-initialized ConversationInitializedPayload Dispatched when the Dialogflow conversation has been initialized.
dark-mode-toggled DarkModeToggledPayload Dispatched when dark mode has been set in the agent desktop.
dialogflow-api-error UiModuleError or null Dispatched when a Dialogflow API error is encountered.
dialogflow-api-authentication-error Void Dispatched when a Dialogflow API authentication (401) error is encountered.
list-messages-requested ListMessagesRequestedPayload Dispatched with a conversation name to list historical messages for.
list-messages-response-received PayloadWithConversationName Dispatched when messages have been listed for a given conversation.
new-message-received Message Dispatched when a new customer or agent utterance has been received (during voice conversations).
patch-answer-record-requested PatchAnswerRecordPayload Disaptched when an answer record should be updated.
patch-answer-record-received PayloadWithConversationName Dispatched when an answer record has been successfully updated.
snackbar-notification-requested SnackbarNotificationPayload Disaptched when a snackbar notification is requested.
smart-reply-selected SmartReplySelection Dispatched when a Smart Reply chip is selected.
smart-reply-follow-up-suggestions-received PayloadWithConversationName<SmartReplyAnswer[]> Dispatched when Smart Reply follow-up suggestions have been received.
conversation-summarization-requested Void Dispatched when a conversation summarization is requested.
conversation-summarization-received PayloadWithConversationName Dispatched when a conversation summarization has been received.
agent-desktop-connector-initialized Void Dispatched when the agent desktop connector has been initialized.
api-connector-initialized Void Dispatched when the API connector has been initialized.
event-based-connector-initialized Void Dispatched when the event-based connector has been initialized.
agent-desktop-connector-initialization-failed Void Dispatched if the agent desktop connector initialization failed.
api-connector-initialization-failed Void Dispatched if the API connector initialization failed.
event-based-connector-initialization-failed Void Dispatched if the event-based connector initialization failed.

Custom connectors

If you are integrating Agent Assist connectors into any agent desktop that isn't LivePerson, you will need to write a custom connector. This connector facilitates interactions between the agent desktop and the UI modules. Once you have created a custom connector, return to the UI module implementation documentation for details about configuring your connector(s) and implementing the modules. You can use a custom connector with either a managed container or with individual modules.

The connector must be responsible for the following operations:

  1. Dispatching an event to initialize the Dialogflow conversation once the conversation ID is available. Event name: conversation-initialization-requested
  2. Notifying the module system when the conversation details are available. Event name: conversation-details-received
  3. For voice conversations, dispatching an event whenever a new utterance is registered from the agent or customer. Event name: analyze-content-requested
  4. Notifying the module system when 'dark mode' has been toggled in the primary application. Event name: dark-mode-toggled

In addition, the connector must subscribe to the following events to update the agent desktop UI where applicable:

  1. For Smart Reply, update the agent's input field whenever a Smart Reply chip is selected. Event name: smart-reply-chip-selected1.

Example event dispatch:

if (newMessageFromHumanAgent) {
  dispatchAgentAssistEvent('analyze-content-requested', {
    detail: {
      participantRole: 'HUMAN_AGENT',
      request: {
        textInput: {text: newMessageFromHumanAgent},
        messageSendTime: new Date().toISOString()

Example event subscription:

addAgentAssistEventListener('smart-reply-chip-selected', (event) => {
  const chipContent = event.details;
  // Populate the agent chat box with the selected Smart Reply chip.