The Google Cloud Adoption Framework

Move to the cloud with confidence.

Cloud Adoption Framework Image

Plan your move to the cloud

The Adoption Framework helps you identify key cloud adoption activities and objectives to accelerate your journey to the cloud.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn about the four capabilities your organization needs to hone for successful cloud adoption:

  • Learn
  • Scale
  • Lead
  • Secure

Cloud Maturity Assessment

Using the Google Cloud Adoption Framework, the Cloud Maturity Assessment helps you identify where you are in your cloud journey and recommended next steps to move forward.

Capabilities Lead


Your organization’s effectiveness in cloud adoption is determined by the visibility and value of the mandate issued top-down from your sponsors and the motivational momentum generated bottom-up from your teams’ cross-functional collaboration.

Cloud Center of Excellence whitepaper

A Cloud Center of Excellence can strike the right balance by establishing a centralized vision for how to operate in the cloud, while also evangelizing the cloud among internal teams through thought leadership, best practices, and implementation support. Learn how to set up your Cloud Center of Excellence.

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Managing Change in the Cloud whitepaper

Managing change in the cloud—readying your people to embrace the cultural change, supporting them with the right processes, and equipping them with the right skills—is just as important as getting the technology right. Learn how to help your people thrive in the cloud.

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Continuously Learn


Your organization’s ability to continuously learn is determined by your efforts to upskill your IT staff while also taking advantage of the experiences shared by third-party contractors and partners. This two-pronged approach ensures that you apply cloud computing best practices idiomatically—tailored to your business needs—and without having to climb the steep learning curve of doing things for the first time.

Ability To Scale


Your organization’s ability to scale in the cloud is determined by the extent to which you abstract away your infrastructure with managed and serverless cloud services, as well as the quality of your CI/CD process chain and the programmable infrastructure code that runs through it.

Security Of Your Cloud Estate


The security of your cloud estate is determined by your ability to guarantee who may perform which action on which resource (identity and access management) and your understanding of the data that needs protecting, ensuring it is appropriately cataloged, encrypted, and guarded from exfiltration. Security is so essential and, because it cuts across all dimensions and themes, it lives at the very center of the cloud adoption model.