Cloud Storage public datasets

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Cloud Storage provides a variety of public datasets that can be accessed by the community and integrated into their applications. Google pays for the hosting of these datasets, providing public access to the data via tools such as the Google Cloud console and Google Cloud CLI.

Available public datasets on Cloud Storage

How to use public datasets on Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is a powerful, simple, and cost effective object storage service. The public datasets are already hosted and available for users to access for free. You can access public data with tools such as the Google Cloud console and Google Cloud CLI, or with a Cloud Storage API link.

The Google Cloud console and gcloud CLI require you to authenticate with Google to access public data. You can authenticate with any Google account; the account does not have to be associated with the project that contains the public data, nor does it need to be signed up for the Cloud Storage service.

By contrast, accessing public data with a Cloud Storage API link does not require authentication. This method is suited for general-purpose links to publicly shared data. For example, API links can be used in a web page or downloaded with a command-line tool such as cURL.

To learn more about accessing public datasets, refer to our documentation.

How to list your public dataset on Google Cloud Storage

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