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Represents an inventory report generated by a ReportConfig.

For general information about inventory reports in Cloud Storage, see the Storage Insights documentation.

  "name": string,
  "snapshot_time": "datetime",
  "report_names": [
  "status": google.rpc.Status,
  "target_datetime": "datetime",
  "report_metrics": {
    "processed_records_count": integer
Property name Value Description Notes
name string The name of the inventory report, which follows the format projects/project/locations/location/reportConfigs/report-config-id/reportDetails/report-detail-id, where:
  • report-config-id is the UUID of the inventory report configuration that generated the inventory report.
  • report-detail-id is the UUID of the inventory report.
snapshot_time datetime The UTC time at which the data snapshot occurs. All the data in an inventory report is captured at the snapshot.
reportNames list The names of all the files that make up the inventory report.
status google.rpc.Status Any error that the inventory report run generated.
target_datetime datetime The UTC date on which the inventory report is generated.
report_metrics object Different metrics associated with the generated inventory report.
report_metrics.processed_records_count integer The number of objects for which the inventory report was generated.


Retrieves an inventory report.
Lists all the inventory reports that have been generated from a given inventory report configuration.