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Resource representations

A subscription to receive Google PubSub notifications.

  "id": string,
  "topic": string,
  "event_types": [
  "custom_attributes": {
    (key): string
  "payload_format": string,
  "object_name_prefix": string,
  "etag": string,
  "selfLink": string,
  "kind": "storage#notification"
Property name Value Description Notes
custom_attributes object An optional list of additional attributes to attach to each Cloud PubSub message published for this notification subscription. writable
custom_attributes.(key) string
etag string HTTP 1.1 Entity tag for this subscription notification.
event_types[] list If present, only send notifications about listed event types. If empty, sent notifications for all event types. writable
id string The ID of the notification.
kind string The kind of item this is. For notifications, this is always storage#notification.
object_name_prefix string If present, only apply this notification configuration to object names that begin with this prefix. writable
payload_format string The desired content of the Payload.

Acceptable values are:
  • "JSON_API_V1"
  • "NONE"
topic string The Cloud PubSub topic to which this subscription publishes. Formatted as: '//{project-identifier}/topics/{my-topic}' writable


Permanently deletes a notification subscription.
View a notification configuration.
Creates a notification subscription for a given bucket.
Retrieves a list of notification subscriptions for a given bucket.

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