Cloud Storage IAM Permissions

The following tables list the Identity and Access Management (IAM) permissions that are associated with Cloud Storage.

Bucket permissions

Bucket permission name Description
storage.buckets.create Create new buckets in a project.
storage.buckets.delete Delete buckets.
storage.buckets.get Read bucket metadata, excluding IAM policies.
storage.buckets.getIamPolicy Read bucket IAM policies.
storage.buckets.list List buckets in a project. Also read bucket metadata, excluding IAM policies, when listing.
storage.buckets.setIamPolicy Update bucket IAM policies.
storage.buckets.update Update bucket metadata, excluding IAM policies.

Object permissions

Object permission name Description
storage.objects.create Add new objects to a bucket.
storage.objects.delete Delete objects.
storage.objects.get Read object data and metadata, excluding ACLs.
storage.objects.getIamPolicy Read object ACLs, returned as IAM policies.
storage.objects.list List objects in a bucket. Also read object metadata, excluding ACLs, when listing.
storage.objects.setIamPolicy Update object ACLs.
storage.objects.update Update object metadata, excluding ACLs.

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