Application modernization

Transform your apps. Jump-start innovation.

Modernize your existing apps and build cloud-native ones in today’s hybrid and multi-cloud world with Cloud Application Modernization Program (CAMP) from Google. Start with the data-driven baseline assessment and promote faster, secure software development with our tailored set of proven DevOps practices and open source-based application platform and tools.


Deliver software quickly and reliably to produce superior business outcomes

DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA), a pioneer in helping organizations achieve high DevOps and organizational performance, spent six years collecting data from more than 31,000 professionals worldwide. The resulting comprehensive report provides actionable guidance to help organizations improve their software delivery and become elite DevOps performers.

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Helping you craft the right journey

Prioritize modernization and achieve higher ROI

Google Cloud’s application modernization platform helps you innovate faster while lowering costs by offering a consistent development and operations experience and industry-leading tools and guidance. Our data-driven prioritization and benchmarking exercise can help you focus on the application investments that will have the biggest impact.

Accelerate secure software development and delivery

Improve development velocity and operational efficiency across your organization through automation. Build, test, and deploy on our serverless DevOps platform and leverage a flexible developer and operations experience with built-it SRE and security best practices.

Offer a consistent development experience everywhere

Anthos transforms your enterprise applications by giving you a consistent platform and service-centric view across all your deployments, both legacy and cloud native. Leverage a programmatic, outcome-focused approach to managing policies for apps and enable greater awareness and control of your services’ health and performance across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Reduce costs through optimization

Minimize downtime and restore services quickly by taking advantage of our platform’s end-to-end automation. Eliminate license costs on proprietary software and middleware by using our open source-based platform and frameworks.

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Improve TCO while avoiding costly downtime

The Cloud Application Modernization Program (CAMP) enables organizations to fix inefficiencies and unnecessary rework by automating their software development process. CAMP’s best practices, tooling, and assessment help you evaluate, prioritize, and improve your IT investments while eliminating costly downtime.

Benefit from Google’s experience

Our tailored set of secure DevOps practices reflects both DORA’s research and Google’s own experience working with various global enterprises. We also provide industry-specific guidance and tools that have these best practices baked in, from writing code to running, operating, and securing your applications.

Carefully tailored to your business needs

The CAMP assessment tailors your modernization plan to your business goals. First you’ll benchmark your processes and teams against other high performers and the overall industry. Then we’ll uncover precisely which bottlenecks are holding back your organization and lay out how to resolve them.


Hybrid and multi-cloud application platform

Build, deploy, and optimize applications anywhere, simply, flexibly, and securely, with Google Cloud’s consistent development and operations experience for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Cloud-native application development

Leverage Google Cloud’s comprehensive extensible tooling to accelerate your engineering productivity, simplify operations, and bake security into your software delivery process, so you can identify vulnerabilities as soon as new code has been committed.

Application development and delivery with serverless

Develop, deploy, and scale applications fast and securely in a fully managed serverless environment. Google Cloud’s serverless compute platform abstracts away all infrastructure management by automatically scaling up and down from zero almost instantaneously, depending on traffic.


Get new features in front of your customers faster, while improving developer productivity and software quality. Release software at high velocity without sacrificing security or quality, and create fast, efficient pipelines for end-to-end automation from source code to production.

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