Transitioning from Partner Portal to Producer Portal

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Producer Portal is the new and improved self-service portal for Google Cloud Marketplace. It replaces and extends the capabilities of the previous portal, Partner Portal.


You use Producer Portal for onboarding and updating your products, and for managing your payments, private offers, analytics, and reporting.

Transition process

After you're notified that your existing Cloud Marketplace products will be migrated, your products are automatically migrated to Producer Portal. For more detailed information, visit Migrating your products from Partner Portal to Producer Portal.

If you have questions about the portal migration process, or you're experiencing issues which might be related to the portal migration, you can contact the Google Cloud Marketplace Partner Engineering team at

What's new in Producer Portal

Accessing Producer Portal

Before you access Producer Portal, verify that you've selected the Google Cloud project that your organization uses to manage Cloud Marketplace products.

You access Producer Portal at:

You can no longer access Partner Portal. You must use Producer Portal to access your products that have already migrated to Producer Portal.

Updated dashboard and approval views

Producer Portal dashboard

Producer Portal offers a new dashboard that you can use to view the status of your products, manage your team's permissions, find relevant documentation, and access the Partner Advantage Portal.

Producer Portal overview page

Each product has an overview page, where you can verify the status of reviews and approvals. You can find links to relevant documentation from the integrated learning panel, or click PREVIEW to test a preview of your product.

Self-service product pricing

You can use Producer Portal to directly configure and publish your products' pricing, or change the pricing of your published products.

Producer Portal's self-service pricing includes support for:

  • Custom usage metrics
  • Multiple purchase plans
  • Usage-based, subscription, or combined plans
  • Feature comparison charts
  • Questionnaire for tax category collection
  • Optional Standard Marketplace EULA
  • Guided submission and review notes

Pricing capabilities might vary depending on the types of your products. For more information, refer to:

Guided integration workflows

Producer Portal features guided workflows for complicated technical integration steps, such as generating deployment packages for VM products.

Full preview experience

With Producer Portal, you can view and test a full preview of your product—including discovery, purchasing, and deployment—at any point, without submitting your product for final review.

Self-service verification testing (VMs)

If you offer VM products through Producer Portal, you can trigger an automated verification process to test for successful deployments and license attachments, security vulnerabilities, and more.