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Google Maps Deprecation Terms

Document is subject to change at Google’s discretion.

Google will announce if it intends to discontinue or make backwards incompatible changes to its APIs or services. Unless a different deprecation period is indicated by Google in writing in the applicable API's or service's agreement or policies, Google will use commercially reasonable efforts to continue to operate the applicable APIs or services without these changes until one year after the product's deprecation announcement unless (as Google determines in its reasonable good faith judgment):

  1. required by law or third party relationship (including if there is a change in applicable law or relationship), or
  2. doing so could create a security risk or substantial economic or material technical burden.

Your APIs or service agreement, its applicable policies or the product's documentation may contain additional deprecation terms and conditions. In particular:

Experimental Features or Functionality

These Deprecation Terms do not apply to versions, features, and functionality labeled as "experimental." Experimental versions, features, and functionality may be deprecated at any time.

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