Compute Engine Logs

This page summarizes the logs available in Stackdriver Logging from Compute Engine.

Audit Logs

Compute Engine generates Admin Activity logs and Data Access logs.

For more information, see Viewing Audit Logs.

Compute Engine logs

Compute Engine writes an activity log and can show additional logs if the Stackdriver Logging agent is installed on its VM instances.

Activity log

Compute Engine writes an activity log,, which is called activity_log in the Logs Viewer. The activity log is similar to an audit log, recording operations performed on your VM instances and other Compute Engine resources. The log entries may include any of the Compute Engine resource types, gce_*.

Don't confuse this activity log with the following:

  • The log named activity (, which is the name of the Admin Activity audit log in products that write it.
  • The Activity Stream in the GCP Console, which shows operations performed by many different products, not just Compute Engine.

Agent Logs

You can install the Stackdriver Logging fluentd agent on Compute Engine VM instances. For a list of logs that the agent sends to Stackdriver Logging, see Logs from the Stackdriver Logging agent.

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