Colocation Facility Locations

Dedicated interconnections are available from 73 locations. GCP also has Cloud CDN locations and network edge locations to connect to GCP services.

For Google Cloud Interconnect - Dedicated, your network must physically meet Google’s network in a supported colocation facility (also known as an interconnect location), where a vendor (the colocation facility provider) provisions a circuit between your network and a Google Edge Point of Presence. For more information, see the Cloud Interconnect Overview.

The following table lists the locations where you can create dedicated connections. The locations are organized by the GCP regions served, metropolitan area, and then by metropolitan availability zone. The name of each location indicates its metropolitan availability zone, such as the zone1 in iad-zone1-1.

The region served indicates the regions in which you can create VLAN attachments, which affects latency and egress costs. For example, if you have VM instances in us-east4, you might create a dedicated connection in Ashburn and then create a VLAN attachment in us-east4. That way your traffic doesn't have to travel far to move between your VM instances and the dedicated connection, resulting in lower latency than, for example, creating a dedicated connection and VLAN attachment in Europe.

Also, it's more cost effective to create VLAN attachments in the same regions as your VM instances because you don't have to pay inter-region egress costs when VM instances send traffic to your on-premises network.

You can also use the console or gcloud command-line tool to list locations.

Regions served Metropolitan area Interconnect location name Facility provider
  • northamerica-northeast1 (Montréal)
  • us-central1 (Iowa)
  • us-east1 (South Carolina)
  • us-east4 (Virginia)
  • us-west1 (Oregon)
  • us-west2 (Los Angeles)
Ashburn iad-zone1-1 Equinix Ashburn (DC1-DC11)
Ashburn iad-zone2-1 Equinix Ashburn (DC1-DC11)
Atlanta atl-zone1-11 Equinix Atlanta (AT2/3)
Atlanta atl-zone2-11 Equinix Atlanta (AT2/3)
Aurora ord-zone1-3143 Chicago Mercantile Exchange (Aurora)
Aurora ord-zone2-3143 Chicago Mercantile Exchange (Aurora)
Chicago ord-zone1-7 Equinix Chicago (CH1/CH2/CH4)
Chicago ord-zone2-7 Equinix Chicago (CH1/CH2/CH4)
Dallas dfw-zone1-4 Equinix Dallas (DA1)
Dallas dfw-zone1-505 Infomart Dallas
Dallas dfw-zone2-4 Equinix Dallas (DA1)
Dallas dfw-zone2-505 Infomart Dallas
Denver den-zone1-389 Coresite Denver
Denver den-zone2-389 Coresite Denver
Los Angeles lax-zone1-8 Equinix Los Angeles (LA1)
Los Angeles lax-zone2-19 CoreSite - LA1 - One Wilshire
Miami mia-zone1-15 Equinix Miami (MI1)
Miami mia-zone2-15 Equinix Miami (MI1)
Montreal yul-zone1-1944 Cologix MTL3
Montreal yul-zone2-1944 Cologix MTL3
Newark lga-zone1-9 165 Halsey - 9th Floor MMR
Newark lga-zone2-9 165 Halsey - 9th Floor MMR
New York lga-zone1-16 Digital Realty | Telx New York (111 8th Ave)
New York lga-zone2-1422 zColo New York - 60 Hudson St
San Jose sjc-zone1-6 Equinix San Jose (SV1/5)
San Jose sjc-zone2-6 Equinix San Jose (SV1/5)
Seattle sea-zone1-86 Equinix Seattle (SE2/3)
Seattle sea-zone2-86 Equinix Seattle (SE2/3)
Toronto yyz-zone1-392 151 Front Street West
Toronto yyz-zone2-2206 Equinix Toronto (TR2)
  • southamerica-east1 (São Paulo)
  • us-east1 (South Carolina)
Buenos Aires eze-zone1-1550 Century Link Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires eze-zone2-1550 Century Link Buenos Aires
Rio de Janeiro rio-zone1-1374 Century Link
Rio de Janeiro rio-zone2-1374 Century Link
São Paulo gru-zone1-165 Equinix São Paulo (SP4)
São Paulo gru-zone2-1057 Century Link
  • europe-north1 (Finland)
  • europe-west1 (Belgium)
  • europe-west2 (UK)
  • europe-west3 (Germany)
  • europe-west4 (Netherlands)
Amsterdam ams-zone1-1236 Equinix Amsterdam Schepenbergweg (AM5) (formerly Telecity AMS5)
Amsterdam ams-zone2-1320 Equinix Amsterdam (AM3)
Frankfurt fra-zone1-58 Interxion Frankfurt
Frankfurt fra-zone1-277 e-shelter Frankfurt (FRA1)
Frankfurt fra-zone1-683 Equinix Frankfurt West (FR4)
Frankfurt fra-zone2-58 Interxion Frankfurt
Frankfurt fra-zone2-277 e-shelter Frankfurt (FRA1)
Frankfurt fra-zone2-683 Equinix Frankfurt West (FR4)
Hamburg ham-zone1-427 Century Link Hamburg
Hamburg ham-zone2-1686 Telia (HAM1)
London lhr-zone1-47 Global Switch (London 2)
London lhr-zone2-47 Global Switch (London 2)
London lhr-zone1-832 Equinix London Slough (LD5-LD6)
London lhr-zone2-832 Equinix London Slough (LD5-LD6)
Madrid mad-zone1-127 Equinix MD2 - Madrid
Madrid mad-zone2-127 Equinix MD2 - Madrid
Madrid mad-zone1-130 Interxion Madrid (MAD1, MAD2)
Madrid mad-zone2-130 Interxion Madrid (MAD1, MAD2)
Marseille mrs-zone1-226 Interxion Marseille (MRS1, MRS2)
Marseille mrs-zone2-226 Interxion Marseille (MRS1, MRS2)
Milan mil-zone1-1974 Infracom Milan
Milan mil-zone2-1974 Infracom Milan
Munich muc-zone1-480 Equinix Munich (MU1)
Munich muc-zone2-480 Equinix Munich (MU1)
Paris cdg-zone1-1536 Interxion Paris 7 (La Courneuve)
Paris cdg-zone2-1536 Interxion Paris 7 (La Courneuve)
Paris cdg-zone1-181 Global Switch (Paris)
Paris cdg-zone2-181 Global Switch (Paris)
Stockholm arn-zone1-208 Interxion Stockholm (STO1, STO2, STO3, STO4, STO5)
Stockholm arn-zone2-156 Equinix Stockholm Bromma (SK1)
  • asia-east1 (Taiwan)
  • asia-east2 (Hong Kong)
  • asia-northeast1 (Japan)
  • asia-southeast1 (Singapore)
Hong Kong hkg-zone1-225 MEGA-i (iAdvantage Hong Kong)
Hong Kong hkg-zone2-1118 Equinix Hong Kong (HK2)
Kuala Lumpur kul-zone1-1514 CSF CX2 Cyberjaya
Kuala Lumpur kul-zone2-460 AIMS Kuala Lumpur
Osaka kix-zone1-1791 Equinix Osaka (OS1)
Osaka kix-zone2-2072 NTT Telepark Dojima Building 2
Singapore sin-zone1-388 Global Switch Singapore
Singapore sin-zone2-2260 Equinix Singapore (SG3)
Tokyo nrt-zone1-599 ComSpace I
Tokyo nrt-zone1-452 Equinix Tokyo (TY2)
Tokyo nrt-zone2-452 Equinix Tokyo (TY2)
Tokyo nrt-zone1-738 AT TOKYO
Tokyo nrt-zone2-738 AT TOKYO
  • asia-south1 (Mumbai)
  • asia-southeast1 (Singapore)
Mumbai bom-zone1-2310 GPX Mumbai
Mumbai bom-zone2-554 Tata Mumbai IDC
  • australia-southeast1 (Sydney)
Sydney syd-zone1-1660 NEXTDC S1
Sydney syd-zone2-1605 Equinix Sydney (SY3)
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