Intents are normally matched when an end-user expression matches an intent training phrase. However, you can also trigger intents using events. Events can be invoked in many ways.

There are two types of events:

  • Platform events: These built-in events are provided by platform integrations. They are invoked when platform-specific events occur. For example, the FACEBOOK_LOCATION event is invoked by the Facebook integration when an end-user accepts or rejects a request for the end-user's location.
  • Custom events: These are events that you define. You can invoke these events using either fulfillment or the API. For example, you might set a timed alert during a conversation, which invokes an event at a certain time. This event could trigger an intent that alerts the end-user about something.

Configure an intent for events

Events are identified simply by their name. Platform-specific events have specific names, but you can name custom events anything.

To configure an intent so that it is triggered when certain events are invoked:

  1. Go to the Dialogflow ES Console.
  2. Select an agent.
  3. Select Intents in the left sidebar menu.
  4. Select an intent.
  5. Expand the Events section.
  6. Enter one or more event names.

To update intent events with the API, see the Intents type.

Event parameters

When invoked, events may also have parameter data that you can access in the triggered intent's responses. For more information, see Parameter reference for an event parameter.