Supported formats

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Container images

Artifact Registry supports the following container image formats:

Docker V2

Docker V2 image manifest is a specification for container images that allows multi-architecture images and supports content-addressable images.

Docker V2 images supersede Docker V1 images, which are deprecated.

OCI Image Format

The OCI Image Format is a specification for container images based on the Docker Image Manifest Version 2, Schema 2 format. Artifact Registry supports pushing and pulling OCI images.

Manifest lists and image indexes

Manifest lists are part of the Docker V2, Schema 2 and OCI images.

Manifest lists allow a single digest or tag to represent multiple forms of an image.

Image indexes are the equivalent of manifest lists in OCI images.

Like manifest lists, an image index manifest refers to multiple image manifests. Image indexes are useful for multi-platform images.

Helm charts

Artifact Registry implements the OCI Specification, an API protocol to help standardize distribution of content.

Helm 3 supports chart packages in OCI format, so you can store charts in Artifact Registry for your deployments.

Package formats

The following package types are available:

Other formats

You can store Kubeflow pipeline templates in a Kubeflow Pipelines repository in Artifact Registry. A pipeline template lets you reuse ML workflow definitions when you're managing ML workflows in Vertex AI.

Private preview formats

Private preview features are only available to users who signed up for Artifact Registry private preview access. For more information, contact your Google representative.