Working with Helm charts

You can store Helm charts in Artifact Registry Docker repositories.

Helm 3 support for charts saved as OCI container images is experimental. For information about Helm plans for general availability of OCI support, see OCI Support Helm Improvement Proposal

  • To get familiar with Helm charts in Artifact Registry, try the quickstart.
  • To learn about working with other container images, see the Docker overview.

When you are ready to learn more about managing Helm charts, read the following information:

  1. Create a Docker repository for your images.

    If you are managing both container images and Helm charts in Artifact Registry, use one of these approaches to keep your charts organized:

    • Create separate repositories for your images and Helm charts.
    • Store images and charts under separate paths in the same repository. In the following example, the repository my-repo has separate folders for images and charts.
  2. Grant permissions to the account that will connect with the repository. Service accounts for common integrations with Artifact Registry have default permissions for repositories in the same project.

  3. Configure Helm to authenticate with Artifact Registry.

  4. Learn about managing charts.

  5. Set up Pub/Sub notifications for changes to your repository.