Working with Python packages

Python Package Index (PyPI) is a public repository for Python packages. You can use Artifact Registry to create private repositories for your Python packages. These private repositories use the canonical Python repository implementation, the simple repository API (PEP 503).

Package management is in alpha. It is only available to alpha users, and might not include all features available for container management. To apply for the alpha, complete the sign up form. For more information, see Requirements to access alpha features.


To get familiar with Python packages in Artifact Registry, you can try the quickstart.

When you are ready to learn more, read the following information:

  1. Create a PyPI repository for your packages.
  2. Grant permissions to the account that will connect with the repository. Service accounts for common integrations with Artifact Registry have default permissions for repositories in the same project.
  3. Configure authentication for Python clients that interact with the repository.
  4. Learn about managing packages.