PHP 7.4 is now generally available.

Installing the Google Cloud Client library

The Google Cloud Client Library for PHP is a client library for accessing Google Cloud services that reduces the boilerplate code you have to write. The library provides high-level, easy to understand API abstractions. It embraces idioms of PHP, works well with the standard library, and has tighter integration with your codebase. All of this means you spend more time creating code that matters to you.

To install the library locally:

composer require google/cloud

You can handle authentication locally by using the Google Cloud SDK. If you want your local application to temporarily use your own user credentials for API access, run:

gcloud auth application-default login

To manually handle authentication or for more information, see the Providing credentials to your application section.

Using the Google Cloud Client library in App Engine

You can use the PHP Cloud Client Library by specifying your app's dependencies.