Creating a Project and Managing Billing

A project in the Google Cloud Platform Console includes your App Engine application and other Google Cloud Platform resources. You can create a project, set the spending limit for App Engine resources, and manage other billing tasks in the Cloud Platform Console.

Creating and shutting down a project

In the Cloud Platform Console, you can go to the projects list to create and shut down projects.
Go to the projects list

For more information on creating, shutting down, and restoring projects, see the Cloud Platform Console help page on how to create, shut down, and restore projects.

Setting the server location

When you create your project, you can specify the location from which it will be served. In the new project dialog, click on the link to Show Advanced Options, and select a location from the pulldown menu:

  • us-central (multi-regional)
  • us-east1 (single region)
  • europe-west (multi-regional)
  • asia-northeast1 (single region)

If you select us-east1, your project will be served from a single region in South Carolina. If you select asia-northeast1, your project will be served from a single region in Japan.

The us-central and europe-west locations contain multiple regions in the United States and western Europe, respectively. Projects deployed to either us-central or europe-west may be served from any one of the regions they contain. If you want to colocate your App Engine instances with other single-region services, such as Google Compute Engine, you should select us-east1 or asia-northeast1.

Note the following limitations:

  • You cannot change the location after the project has been created.
  • Python 2.5 support is deprecated and new Python 2.5 apps cannot be created in any location. Apps written in Python 2.7, and all other App Engine languages, can be served from any location.
  • The flexible environment is not currently available for projects located in europe-west.

Enabling billing and setting a spending limit

If your application needs more resources than the free quotas, then you can enable billing to increase some quotas and pay for the additional usage. If you have a billing account when you create a project, then billing will automatically be enabled. For more information, see Billing settings.

  1. Select a project and enable billing for your project.

    1. In the Cloud Platform Console, go to the Billing Overview page.
      Go to the Billing Overview page
    2. If prompted, create a new billing account. Otherwise, select a billing account to associate with your project.
      If billing is already enabled, then the billing account for the project is listed.

    After you enable billing, there is no limit to the amount you might be charged until you set a daily spending limit. It's a good idea to specify a spending limit to gain more control over application costs.

  2. Create or change the spending limit.

    1. Go to the Application settings.
      Go to the Application settings
    2. Click Edit and specify a spending limit. Click Save.

    The spending limit only applies to App Engine resources for the selected project:

    • You may still be charged for other Google Cloud Platform resources.
    • If you have multiple projects, you may want to set the spending limit for each project.

    When you increase the daily spending limit, the new limit takes effect immediately.

    For more information, see Spending Limits.

Managing billing

To manage a billing account, go to the billing accounts in the Cloud Platform Console.
Go to Billing accounts

Select the account to:

  • View your transaction history for the account and make a payment on the History page.
  • Change your payment method on the Payment settings page.
  • Add billing administrators on the Overview page.
  • Set up an alert for when monthly charges exceed a threshold on the Budgets & alerts page.

Disabling billing

Once you have enabled billing, if you want to stop automatic payments for a project, you must disable billing for the project. Alternatively, if you also want to release all the resources used in a project, you can shut down the project.

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