Interface Expression.Sorter

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    public static interface Expression.Sorter
    extends java.util.Comparator<java.lang.Object>
    Sort class for potential multi dimensional sorting of the expression.
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      int compare(java.lang.Object left, java.lang.Object right)
      Sort intermediate values.
      java.lang.Object eval(Document doc)
      Evaluate expression to intermediate value suitable for sorting.
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        comparing, comparing, comparingDouble, comparingInt, comparingLong, equals, naturalOrder, nullsFirst, nullsLast, reversed, reverseOrder, thenComparing, thenComparing, thenComparing, thenComparingDouble, thenComparingInt, thenComparingLong
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      • eval

        java.lang.Object eval(Document doc)
        Evaluate expression to intermediate value suitable for sorting.
      • compare

        int compare(java.lang.Object left,
                    java.lang.Object right)
        Sort intermediate values.
        Specified by:
        compare in interface java.util.Comparator<java.lang.Object>