Deploying Your Apps with the Admin API

To deploy a version of the source code and configuration files that make up a service in your application, you must first stage your files, create a configuration file, and authenticate before you can send the HTTP POST request.

The App Engine Admin API requires that you upload and stage all of your version's resources in a Cloud Storage bucket, including the relevant code files, static files, and any Dockerfiles that are used. You must also create a JSON formatted configuration file that contains the definition of your version and a manifest of all your resources in Cloud Storage. The last step before you can deploy your version to your App Engine application is to authenticate with your Google Cloud Platform project.

For more information about versions and how they make up the services in your application, see the Overview of App Engine.

To manually deploy your app, see Deploying Your App.

Before you begin

Before you can deploy your apps, you must be able to authorize your HTTP requests. For more information about configuring your Google Cloud project, creating credentials, and obtaining access tokens, see Accessing the API.

Deploying versions to your App Engine application

To deploy a version of your app with the Admin API:

  1. Upload your app's resources to Cloud Storage.
  2. Create a configuration file that defines your deployment.
  3. Create and send the HTTP request for deploying your app.