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Interface DatastoreV3

  • All Known Implementing Classes:

    public interface DatastoreV3
    An interface for an implementation of a local version of the Datastore V3 service.
    • Method Detail

      • addActions

        void addActions(TaskQueueBulkAddRequest req)
      • allocateIds

        AllocateIdsResponse allocateIds(AllocateIdsRequest req)
      • beginTransaction

        Transaction beginTransaction(BeginTransactionRequest req)
      • commit

        CommitResponse commit(Transaction req)
      • createIndex

        long createIndex(CompositeIndex req)
      • delete

        DeleteResponse delete(DeleteRequest req)
      • deleteCursor

        void deleteCursor(Cursor req)
      • deleteIndex

        void deleteIndex(CompositeIndex req)
      • get

        GetResponse get(GetRequest req)
      • getIndices

        CompositeIndices getIndices(java.lang.String appId)
      • next

        QueryResult next(NextRequest req)
      • put

        PutResponse put(PutRequest req)
      • rollback

        void rollback(Transaction req)
      • runQuery

        QueryResult runQuery(Query req)
      • updateIndex

        void updateIndex(CompositeIndex req)