Class ExpressionBuilder.EmptyExpression

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    public static class ExpressionBuilder.EmptyExpression
    extends Expression
    Empty Expression, which is evaluated if the input string was empty.
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      FieldValue eval(Document doc)
      Evaluate the expression to field value proto for the specified document.
      java.util.List<Expression.Sorter> getSorters(int sign, double dfltD, java.lang.String dfltT)
      Get list of sort classes for the expression.
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      • EmptyExpression

        public EmptyExpression()
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      • getSorters

        public java.util.List<Expression.Sorter> getSorters(int sign,
                                                            double dfltD,
                                                            java.lang.String dfltT)
        Description copied from class: Expression
        Get list of sort classes for the expression. Usually it contains just one element, but for field expressions it can potentially return 2 sorters when both numeric and text fields exist with a field name.
        Specified by:
        getSorters in class Expression