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C D G H I L M R S U 

C - package
copy() - Method in class
credentials(String, String) - Method in class
Use useApplicationDefaultCredential() or useServiceAccountCredential instead.


datastoreQueryFetchSize(int) - Method in class
When executing a datastore query, this is the number of results to fetch per HTTP request.


getCredentialsToReuse() - Method in class
getDatastoreQueryFetchSize() - Method in class
getHostname() - Method in class
getMaxConcurrentRequests() - Method in class
getMaxHttpResponseSize() - Method in class
getPassword() - Method in class
getPort() - Method in class
getRemoteApiPath() - Method in class
getRpcCount() - Method in class
Returns the number of RPC calls made since the API was installed or RemoteApiInstaller.resetRpcCount() was called.
getUserEmail() - Method in class


HostedClientLogin - Class in
ClientLogin implementation for use inside an App Engine container.
HostedClientLogin() - Constructor for class


install(RemoteApiOptions) - Method in class
Installs the remote API using the provided options.
installOnAllThreads(RemoteApiOptions) - Method in class
Installs the remote API on all threads using the provided options.


LoginException - Exception in
Thrown when there's an error logging in.
LoginException(String) - Constructor for exception
logMethodCalls() - Method in class
Starts logging remote API method calls to the console.


makeDevAppServerCookie(String, String) - Static method in class
maxConcurrentRequests(int) - Method in class
This parameter controls the maximum number of async API requests that will be in flight at once.
maxHttpResponseSize(int) - Method in class
When making a remote call, this is the maximum size of the HTTP response.


RemoteApiException - Class in
Indicates an internal exception in the remote API.
RemoteApiException(String, String, String, Throwable) - Constructor for class
RemoteApiInstaller - Class in
Installs and uninstalls the remote API.
RemoteApiInstaller() - Constructor for class
RemoteApiOptions - Class in
A mutable object containing settings for installing the remote API.
RemoteApiOptions() - Constructor for class
remoteApiPath(String) - Method in class
Sets the path used to access the remote API.
resetRpcCount() - Method in class
reuseCredentials(String, String) - Method in class
Reuses credentials from another AppEngineClient.


serializeCredentials() - Method in class
Returns a string containing the cookies associated with this connection.
server(String, int) - Method in class
Sets the host and port port where we will connect.


uninstall() - Method in class
Uninstalls the remote API.
useApplicationDefaultCredential() - Method in class
Use a Google Application Default credential for authentication.
useComputeEngineCredential() - Method in class
useDevelopmentServerCredential() - Method in class
Use credentials appropriate for talking to the Development Server.
useServiceAccountCredential(String, String) - Method in class
Use a service account credential.
useServiceAccountCredential(String, PrivateKey) - Method in class
Use a service account credential.