Creating Pull Queues

This page describes how to create a pull queue. You must create the queue before you can add tasks to it. The page also describes how to pause or delete a queue.

Defining queues with queue.yaml

You can define pull queues using the queue.yaml file for your application. The process is the same as creating named push queues, with a specialized directive, mode: pull, added to the file.

- name: my-queue-name
  mode: pull

You use the gcloud CLI gcloud command to upload the file.

gcloud app deploy queue.yaml

Disabling queues

You can disable, or pause, a queue by removing its definition from your queue configuration file and then uploading the updated file.

Once the updated file is uploaded, the queue is set to "disabled" and its rate is set to 0. Any tasks that are in the queue or new tasks that are added to the queue will not be processed. You can re-enable the disabled queue by uploading a new queue file with the queue defined.

You can also pause a queue from within the Cloud Tasks page in the Google Cloud console.

Deleting queues

To delete a queue you must first disable it:

  1. Remove the queue definition from your queue configuration file.

  2. Upload the changed file.

    gcloud app deploy queue.yaml

Once the queue is disabled, use the Google Cloud console to delete it.

  1. In the Google Cloud console, select the queue.

    Go to Cloud Tasks

  2. Click Delete queue.

If you delete a queue from the Google Cloud console, you must wait 7 days before recreating with the same name.

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