Compare basic and advanced tiers

When you create a translation portal, you choose whether the portal is in the basic or advanced tier. After you create the portal, you cannot change its pricing tier. If you must use a different tier, create another portal.

Both the basic and advanced tiers offer self-serve document translation. The advanced tier lets you use additional features, such as translation memories and AutoML Translation models, at a higher translation cost per page.

For the advanced tier, the higher cost applies to all translations even if you don't use the advanced features. In cases where you aren't using advanced features, we recommend that you use a basic-tier portal to save on translation costs.

Comparison table

The following table shows which features are available in each tier.

Feature Basic Advanced
Admin controls through the Google Cloud console
PDF, DOCX, and PPTX translations
Glossary support
Translation memory
AutoML Translation models (custom models) support
Post-editing support for machine translated content
Translation templates
Supports 100+ languages

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