Admin: Enable users to request post-edits

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As an administrator, you manage translator groups and the translators in those groups. Translator groups and translators are required before business users can request post-edits.

All translator groups are visible to all advanced-tier portals. You don't need to assign groups to portals.

Create translator groups

  1. In the Translation Hub section of the Google Cloud console, go to the Post-editing page.

    Go to the Post-editing page

  2. Click the Create translator group, which opens the Create translator group pane.

    1. Specify a name for the group.

      For example, you might use names to indicate the language expertise of each group, such as English-Spanish. These names are also visible to business users when they request post-edits.

    2. Specify an email address of a translator to add to the group. Translators must have an email that uses the Google sign-in method.

    3. To add more translators, click Add group translator email.

    4. After you're done adding translators, click Create.

      Creating the translator group might take a minute. After the group is created, it's listed on the Post-editing page. Business users can now send post-editing requests to the translator group.

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