Specialist: Edit translations

As a translator, you review and edit machine translated content when you receive a post-editing request (advanced tier only).

Before you begin

An administrator must add you to a translator group, and you must have an incoming post-editing request to review.

Edit a translation

  1. After receiving an email notification that a new document is ready for review, click the included link to go to the editing console.

    If an assignment is available for review, Translation Hub shows the source and translated documents side by side.

  2. To edit a translated segment, click the segment to highlight it and then click Edit.

    You can edit only the translated segments.

  3. Edit the translated text.

    Do not modify the HTML tags. You can't save edited segments that have modified tags.

  4. When you're done with your review, click Submit at the end of the document to save and send your edits.

    You're then assigned the next tasks if one is available. Business users can check their portal to see when your post-edit is complete. If business users specified a translation memory when they did the initial machine translation, your edits are automatically saved to the translation memory.