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Crear índice

Crea un índice.

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Muestra de código


using Google.Cloud.Spanner.Data;
using System;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

public class AddIndexAsyncSample
    public async Task AddIndexAsync(string projectId, string instanceId, string databaseId)
        string connectionString = $"Data Source=projects/{projectId}/instances/{instanceId}/databases/{databaseId}";
        string createStatement = "CREATE INDEX AlbumsByAlbumTitle ON Albums(AlbumTitle)";

        using var connection = new SpannerConnection(connectionString);
        using var createCmd = connection.CreateDdlCommand(createStatement);
        await createCmd.ExecuteNonQueryAsync();
        Console.WriteLine("Added the AlbumsByAlbumTitle index.");


void AddIndex(google::cloud::spanner::DatabaseAdminClient client,
              std::string const& project_id, std::string const& instance_id,
              std::string const& database_id) {
  google::cloud::spanner::Database database(project_id, instance_id,
  auto metadata =
              {"CREATE INDEX AlbumsByAlbumTitle ON Albums(AlbumTitle)"})
  if (!metadata) throw std::runtime_error(metadata.status().message());
  std::cout << "`AlbumsByAlbumTitle` Index successfully added, new DDL:\n"
            << metadata->DebugString() << "\n";


import (

	database ""
	adminpb ""

func addIndex(w io.Writer, db string) error {
	ctx := context.Background()
	adminClient, err := database.NewDatabaseAdminClient(ctx)
	if err != nil {
		return err
	defer adminClient.Close()

	op, err := adminClient.UpdateDatabaseDdl(ctx, &adminpb.UpdateDatabaseDdlRequest{
		Database: db,
		Statements: []string{
			"CREATE INDEX AlbumsByAlbumTitle ON Albums(AlbumTitle)",
	if err != nil {
		return err
	if err := op.Wait(ctx); err != nil {
		return err
	fmt.Fprintf(w, "Added index\n")
	return nil


static void addIndex(DatabaseAdminClient adminClient, DatabaseId dbId) {
  OperationFuture<Void, UpdateDatabaseDdlMetadata> op =
          Arrays.asList("CREATE INDEX AlbumsByAlbumTitle ON Albums(AlbumTitle)"),
  try {
    // Initiate the request which returns an OperationFuture.
    System.out.println("Added AlbumsByAlbumTitle index");
  } catch (ExecutionException e) {
    // If the operation failed during execution, expose the cause.
    throw (SpannerException) e.getCause();
  } catch (InterruptedException e) {
    // Throw when a thread is waiting, sleeping, or otherwise occupied,
    // and the thread is interrupted, either before or during the activity.
    throw SpannerExceptionFactory.propagateInterrupt(e);


// Imports the Google Cloud client library
const {Spanner} = require('@google-cloud/spanner');

 * TODO(developer): Uncomment the following lines before running the sample.
// const projectId = 'my-project-id';
// const instanceId = 'my-instance';
// const databaseId = 'my-database';

// Creates a client
const spanner = new Spanner({
  projectId: projectId,

// Gets a reference to a Cloud Spanner instance and database
const instance = spanner.instance(instanceId);
const database = instance.database(databaseId);

const request = ['CREATE INDEX AlbumsByAlbumTitle ON Albums(AlbumTitle)'];

// Creates a new index in the database
try {
  const [operation] = await database.updateSchema(request);

  console.log('Waiting for operation to complete...');
  await operation.promise();

  console.log('Added the AlbumsByAlbumTitle index.');
} catch (err) {
  console.error('ERROR:', err);
} finally {
  // Close the database when finished.


use Google\Cloud\Spanner\SpannerClient;

 * Adds a simple index to the example database.
 * Example:
 * ```
 * create_index($instanceId, $databaseId);
 * ```
 * @param string $instanceId The Spanner instance ID.
 * @param string $databaseId The Spanner database ID.
function create_index($instanceId, $databaseId)
    $spanner = new SpannerClient();
    $instance = $spanner->instance($instanceId);
    $database = $instance->database($databaseId);

    $operation = $database->updateDdl(
        'CREATE INDEX AlbumsByAlbumTitle ON Albums(AlbumTitle)'

    print('Waiting for operation to complete...' . PHP_EOL);

    printf('Added the AlbumsByAlbumTitle index.' . PHP_EOL);


def add_index(instance_id, database_id):
    """Adds a simple index to the example database."""
    spanner_client = spanner.Client()
    instance = spanner_client.instance(instance_id)
    database = instance.database(database_id)

    operation = database.update_ddl(
        ["CREATE INDEX AlbumsByAlbumTitle ON Albums(AlbumTitle)"]

    print("Waiting for operation to complete...")

    print("Added the AlbumsByAlbumTitle index.")


# project_id  = "Your Google Cloud project ID"
# instance_id = "Your Spanner instance ID"
# database_id = "Your Spanner database ID"

require "google/cloud/spanner"

spanner  = project: project_id
instance = spanner.instance instance_id
database = instance.database database_id

job = database.update statements: [
  "CREATE INDEX AlbumsByAlbumTitle ON Albums(AlbumTitle)"

puts "Waiting for database update to complete"


puts "Added the AlbumsByAlbumTitle index"