Cancel backup create operation

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Cancel a create backup database operation.

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To learn how to install and use the client library for Spanner, see Spanner client libraries.

void CreateBackupAndCancel(
    google::cloud::spanner_admin::DatabaseAdminClient client,
    std::string const& project_id, std::string const& instance_id,
    std::string const& database_id, std::string const& backup_id,
    google::cloud::spanner::Timestamp expire_time) {
  google::cloud::spanner::Database database(project_id, instance_id,
  google::spanner::admin::database::v1::CreateBackupRequest request;
  *request.mutable_backup()->mutable_expire_time() =
  auto f = client.CreateBackup(request);
  auto backup = f.get();
  if (backup) {
    auto status = client.DeleteBackup(backup->name());
    if (!status.ok()) throw std::move(status);
    std::cout << "Backup " << backup->name() << " was deleted.\n";
  } else {
    std::cout << "CreateBackup operation was cancelled with the message '"
              << backup.status().message() << "'.\n";


To learn how to install and use the client library for Spanner, see Spanner client libraries.

using Google.Cloud.Spanner.Admin.Database.V1;
using Google.Cloud.Spanner.Common.V1;
using Google.LongRunning;
using Google.Protobuf.WellKnownTypes;
using System;

public class CancelBackupOperationSample
    public Operation<Backup, CreateBackupMetadata> CancelBackupOperation(string projectId, string instanceId, string databaseId, string backupId)
        // Create the DatabaseAdminClient instance.
        DatabaseAdminClient databaseAdminClient = DatabaseAdminClient.Create();

        // Initialize backup request parameters.
        Backup backup = new Backup
            DatabaseAsDatabaseName = DatabaseName.FromProjectInstanceDatabase(projectId, instanceId, databaseId),
            ExpireTime = DateTime.UtcNow.AddDays(14).ToTimestamp()
        InstanceName parentAsInstanceName = InstanceName.FromProjectInstance(projectId, instanceId);

        // Make the CreateBackup request.
        Operation<Backup, CreateBackupMetadata> operation = databaseAdminClient.CreateBackup(parentAsInstanceName, backup, backupId);

        // Cancel the operation.

        // Poll until the long-running operation is completed in case the backup was
        // created before the operation was cancelled.
        Console.WriteLine("Waiting for the operation to finish.");
        Operation<Backup, CreateBackupMetadata> completedOperation = operation.PollUntilCompleted();

        if (completedOperation.IsFaulted)
            Console.WriteLine($"Create backup operation cancelled: {operation.Name}");
            Console.WriteLine("The backup was created before the operation was cancelled. Backup needs to be deleted.");
            BackupName backupAsBackupName = BackupName.FromProjectInstanceBackup(projectId, instanceId, backupId);

        return completedOperation;


To learn how to install and use the client library for Spanner, see Spanner client libraries.

import (

	longrunning ""
	database ""
	pbt ""
	adminpb ""

func cancelBackup(ctx context.Context, w io.Writer, db, backupID string) error {
	matches := regexp.MustCompile("^(.+)/databases/(.+)$").FindStringSubmatch(db)
	if matches == nil || len(matches) != 3 {
		return fmt.Errorf("cancelBackup: invalid database id %q", db)

	adminClient, err := database.NewDatabaseAdminClient(ctx)
	if err != nil {
		return fmt.Errorf("cancelBackup.NewDatabaseAdminClient: %v", err)
	defer adminClient.Close()

	expireTime := time.Now().AddDate(0, 0, 14)
	// Create a backup.
	req := adminpb.CreateBackupRequest{
		Parent:   matches[1],
		BackupId: backupID,
		Backup: &adminpb.Backup{
			Database:   db,
			ExpireTime: &pbt.Timestamp{Seconds: expireTime.Unix(), Nanos: int32(expireTime.Nanosecond())},
	op, err := adminClient.CreateBackup(ctx, &req)
	if err != nil {
		return fmt.Errorf("cancelBackup.CreateBackup: %v", err)

	// Cancel backup creation.
	err = adminClient.LROClient.CancelOperation(ctx, &longrunning.CancelOperationRequest{Name: op.Name()})
	if err != nil {
		return fmt.Errorf("cancelBackup.CancelOperation: %v", err)

	// Cancel operations are best effort so either it will complete or be
	// cancelled.
	backup, err := op.Wait(ctx)
	if err != nil {
		if waitStatus, ok := status.FromError(err); !ok || waitStatus.Code() != codes.Canceled {
			return fmt.Errorf("cancelBackup.Wait: %v", err)
	} else {
		// Backup was completed before it could be cancelled so delete the
		// unwanted backup.
		err = adminClient.DeleteBackup(ctx, &adminpb.DeleteBackupRequest{Name: backup.Name})
		if err != nil {
			return fmt.Errorf("cancelBackup.DeleteBackup: %v", err)

	fmt.Fprintf(w, "Backup cancelled.\n")
	return nil


To learn how to install and use the client library for Spanner, see Spanner client libraries.

static void cancelCreateBackup(
    DatabaseAdminClient dbAdminClient, DatabaseId databaseId, BackupId backupId) {
  // Set expire time to 14 days from now.
  Timestamp expireTime = Timestamp.ofTimeMicroseconds(TimeUnit.MICROSECONDS.convert(
      System.currentTimeMillis() + TimeUnit.DAYS.toMillis(14), TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS));

  // Create a backup instance.
  Backup backup =
  // Start the creation of a backup.
  System.out.println("Creating backup [" + backup.getId() + "]...");
  OperationFuture<Backup, CreateBackupMetadata> op = backup.create();
  try {
    // Try to cancel the backup operation.
    System.out.println("Cancelling create backup operation for [" + backup.getId() + "]...");
    // Get a polling future for the running operation. This future will regularly poll the server
    // for the current status of the backup operation.
    RetryingFuture<OperationSnapshot> pollingFuture = op.getPollingFuture();
    // Wait for the operation to finish.
    // isDone will return true when the operation is complete, regardless of whether it was
    // successful or not.
    while (!pollingFuture.get().isDone()) {
      System.out.println("Waiting for the cancelled backup operation to finish...");
      Thread.sleep(TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS.convert(5, TimeUnit.SECONDS));
    if (pollingFuture.get().getErrorCode() == null) {
      // Backup was created before it could be cancelled. Delete the backup.
      System.out.println("Backup operation for [" + backup.getId()
          + "] successfully finished before it could be cancelled");
    } else if (pollingFuture.get().getErrorCode().getCode() == StatusCode.Code.CANCELLED) {
      System.out.println("Backup operation for [" + backup.getId() + "] successfully cancelled");
  } catch (ExecutionException e) {
    throw SpannerExceptionFactory.newSpannerException(e.getCause());
  } catch (InterruptedException e) {
    throw SpannerExceptionFactory.propagateInterrupt(e);


To learn how to install and use the client library for Spanner, see Spanner client libraries.

// Imports the Google Cloud client library and precise date library
const {Spanner} = require('@google-cloud/spanner');

 * TODO(developer): Uncomment the following lines before running the sample.
// const projectId = 'my-project-id';
// const instanceId = 'my-instance';
// const databaseId = 'my-database';
// const backupId = 'my-backup';

// Creates a client
const spanner = new Spanner({
  projectId: projectId,

// Gets a reference to a Cloud Spanner instance and database
const instance = spanner.instance(instanceId);
const database = instance.database(databaseId);

const backup = instance.backup(backupId);

// Creates a new backup of the database
try {
  console.log(`Creating backup of database ${database.formattedName_}.`);
  const databasePath = database.formattedName_;
  // Expire backup one day in the future
  const expireTime = + 1000 * 60 * 60 * 24;
  const [, operation] = await backup.create({
    databasePath: databasePath,
    expireTime: expireTime,

  // Cancel the backup
  await operation.cancel();

  console.log('Backup cancelled.');
} catch (err) {
  console.error('ERROR:', err);
} finally {
  // Delete backup in case it got created before the cancel operation
  await backup.delete();

  // Close the database when finished.
  await database.close();


To learn how to install and use the client library for Spanner, see Spanner client libraries.

use Google\Cloud\Spanner\SpannerClient;

 * Cancel a backup operation.
 * Example:
 * ```
 * cancel_backup($instanceId, $databaseId);
 * ```
 * @param string $instanceId The Spanner instance ID.
 * @param string $databaseId The Spanner database ID.
function cancel_backup(string $instanceId, string $databaseId): void
    $spanner = new SpannerClient();
    $instance = $spanner->instance($instanceId);
    $database = $instance->database($databaseId);
    $backupId = uniqid('backup-' . $databaseId . '-cancel');

    $expireTime = new \DateTime('+14 days');
    $backup = $instance->backup($backupId);
    $operation = $backup->create($database->name(), $expireTime);
    print('Waiting for operation to complete ...' . PHP_EOL);

    // Cancel operations are always successful regardless of whether the operation is
    // still in progress or is complete.
    printf('Cancel backup operation complete.' . PHP_EOL);

    // Operation may succeed before cancel() has been called. So we need to clean up created backup.
    if ($backup->exists()) {


To learn how to install and use the client library for Spanner, see Spanner client libraries.

def cancel_backup(instance_id, database_id, backup_id):
    spanner_client = spanner.Client()
    instance = spanner_client.instance(instance_id)
    database = instance.database(database_id)

    expire_time = datetime.utcnow() + timedelta(days=30)

    # Create a backup.
    backup = instance.backup(backup_id, database=database, expire_time=expire_time)
    operation = backup.create()

    # Cancel backup creation.

    # Cancel operations are best effort so either it will complete or
    # be cancelled.
    while not operation.done():
        time.sleep(300)  # 5 mins

    # Deal with resource if the operation succeeded.
    if backup.exists():
        print("Backup was created before the cancel completed.")
        print("Backup deleted.")
        print("Backup creation was successfully cancelled.")


To learn how to install and use the client library for Spanner, see Spanner client libraries.

# project_id  = "Your Google Cloud project ID"
# instance_id = "Your Spanner instance ID"
# database_id = "Your Spanner database ID"
# backup_id = "Your Spanner backup ID"

require "google/cloud/spanner"
require "google/cloud/spanner/admin/database"

database_admin_client = Google::Cloud::Spanner::Admin::Database.database_admin

instance_path = database_admin_client.instance_path project: project_id, instance: instance_id

db_path = database_admin_client.database_path project: project_id,
                                              instance: instance_id,
                                              database: database_id

backup_path = database_admin_client.backup_path project: project_id,
                                                instance: instance_id,
                                                backup: backup_id

expire_time = + (14 * 24 * 3600) # 14 days from now

job = database_admin_client.create_backup parent: instance_path,
                                          backup_id: backup_id,
                                          backup: {
                                            database: db_path,
                                              expire_time: expire_time

puts "Backup operation in progress"


  backup = database_admin_client.get_backup name: backup_path
  database_admin_client.delete_backup name: backup_path if backup
rescue StandardError
  nil # no cleanup needed when a backup is not created
puts "#{backup_id} creation job cancelled"

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