Simba JDBC driver FAQ

Google has partnered with Simba Technologies Inc, a Magnitude Software Company to provide a JDBC driver for Spanner.

Known issues and FAQ

Can I use this driver to issue Data Manipulation Language (DML) and Data Definition Language (DDL) statements?

Yes, this driver supports DML and DDL statements.

How does this driver deal with Spanner parent-child or interleaved table relationships?

Interleaved table relationships are mapped to foreign key relationships in JDBC. In Spanner, a record in the child table interleaved with a parent has its primary key dependent on the associated parent table record's primary key. Spanner defines the child table's parent primary key portion of its primary key as the foreign key, referencing the parent table's primary key.Thus you can navigate the interleaved table relationships using the foreign key metadata calls in DatabaseMetaData. You can read more details in Schema and data model.

Are all Spanner data types supported by this driver?

The Spanner STRUCT data type is mapped to a SQL VARCHAR data type, accessible through this driver as String types. All other types have appropriate mappings.

Are indexes supported by this driver?

Indexes are supported in SELECT queries. The SQL syntax is described in Query syntax. You can access information about particular indexes using the DatabaseMetaData.getIndexInfo() method.

Does this driver support parameterized queries?

Yes, this driver supports positional parameterization.

Are there other limitations to consider when using this driver?

This driver's capabilities have limits defined by the underlying system. See the quotas and limits for Spanner.

How do I get support for this driver?

Consult our support page for support options.