Service levels

Service levels determine how much throughput your volume can deliver to your applications. The CVS service type offers a single service level: Standard-SW. The CVS-Performance service type offers three service levels that you can change at any time: Standard, Premium, and Extreme. Cloud Volumes Service delivers the right performance fit for your workload that you can adjust as the nature of your app changes. The performance of the volume scales with the amount of allocated capacity, which means that your performance isn't limited when your dataset and throughput needs expand. You can also increase or decrease the allocated capacity as needed without having to worry about adding or deleting underlying nodes.

Service type Service level Throughput
per TiB
Workload types
CVS Standard-SW 32 MiB/s General purpose, file shares, email, web, databases, and applications
CVS-Performance Standard 16 MiB/s General purpose, file shares, email, and web
CVS-Performance Premium 64 MiB/s Databases and apps
CVS-Performance Extreme 128 MiB/s High-performance apps

For details about the service level options and intended workloads for each service type, see Service types.

What’s next

For information about service-level performance of CVS-Performance volumes, see the following: