Vertex AI V1 API - Class Google::Cloud::AIPlatform::V1::Model::ExportFormat (v0.14.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Vertex AI V1 API class Google::Cloud::AIPlatform::V1::Model::ExportFormat.

Represents export format supported by the Model. All formats export to Google Cloud Storage.


  • Object

Extended By

  • Google::Protobuf::MessageExts::ClassMethods


  • Google::Protobuf::MessageExts



def exportable_contents() -> ::Array<::Google::Cloud::AIPlatform::V1::Model::ExportFormat::ExportableContent>


def id() -> ::String
  • (::String) —

    Output only. The ID of the export format. The possible format IDs are:

    • tflite Used for Android mobile devices.

    • edgetpu-tflite Used for Edge TPU devices.

    • tf-saved-model A tensorflow model in SavedModel format.

    • tf-js A TensorFlow.js model that can be used in the browser and in Node.js using JavaScript.

    • core-ml Used for iOS mobile devices.

    • custom-trained A Model that was uploaded or trained by custom code.