Vertex AI V1 API - Class Google::Cloud::AIPlatform::V1::CompletionStats (v0.14.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Vertex AI V1 API class Google::Cloud::AIPlatform::V1::CompletionStats.

Success and error statistics of processing multiple entities (for example, DataItems or structured data rows) in batch.


  • Object

Extended By

  • Google::Protobuf::MessageExts::ClassMethods


  • Google::Protobuf::MessageExts



def failed_count() -> ::Integer
  • (::Integer) — Output only. The number of entities for which any error was encountered.


def incomplete_count() -> ::Integer
  • (::Integer) — Output only. In cases when enough errors are encountered a job, pipeline, or operation may be failed as a whole. Below is the number of entities for which the processing had not been finished (either in successful or failed state). Set to -1 if the number is unknown (for example, the operation failed before the total entity number could be collected).


def successful_count() -> ::Integer
  • (::Integer) — Output only. The number of entities that had been processed successfully.


def successful_forecast_point_count() -> ::Integer
  • (::Integer) — Output only. The number of the successful forecast points that are generated by the forecasting model. This is ONLY used by the forecasting batch prediction.