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Error Reporting

Stackdriver Error Reporting counts, analyzes and aggregates the crashes in your running cloud services. The Stackdriver Error Reporting Instrumentation client provides a simple way to report errors from your application.

For general information about Stackdriver Error Reporting, read Stackdriver Error Reporting Documentation.

The goal of google-cloud is to provide an API that is comfortable to Rubyists. Your authentication credentials are detected automatically in Google Cloud Platform (GCP), including Google Compute Engine (GCE), Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Google App Engine (GAE), Google Cloud Functions (GCF) and Cloud Run. In other environments you can configure authentication easily, either directly in your code or via environment variables. Read more about the options for connecting in the Authentication Guide.

How to report errors

You can easily report exceptions from your applications to Stackdriver Error Reporting service:

require "google/cloud/error_reporting"

# Configure Stackdriver ErrorReporting instrumentation
Google::Cloud::ErrorReporting.configure do |config|
  config.project_id = "my-project"
  config.keyfile = "/path/to/keyfile.json"

# Insert a Rack Middleware to report unhanded exceptions
use Google::Cloud::ErrorReporting::Middleware

# Or explicitly submit exceptions
  fail "Boom!"
rescue => exception exception

See the Instrumentation Guide for more examples.

Additional information

Stackdriver Error Reporting can be configured to use gRPC's logging. To learn more, see theLogging guide.