Class LocationFilter (2.10.0)

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LocationFilter(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Geographic region of the search.


address str
The address name, such as "Mountain View" or "Bay Area".
region_code str
CLDR region code of the country/region. This field may be used in two ways: 1) If telecommute preference is not set, this field is used address ambiguity of the user-input address. For example, "Liverpool" may refer to "Liverpool, NY, US" or "Liverpool, UK". This region code biases the address resolution toward a specific country or territory. If this field is not set, address resolution is biased toward the United States by default. 2) If telecommute preference is set to TELECOMMUTE_ALLOWED, the telecommute location filter will be limited to the region specified in this field. If this field is not set, the telecommute job locations will not be See for details. Example: "CH" for Switzerland.
lat_lng google.type.latlng_pb2.LatLng
The latitude and longitude of the geographic center to search from. This field is ignored if address is provided.
distance_in_miles float
The distance_in_miles is applied when the location being searched for is identified as a city or smaller. This field is ignored if the location being searched for is a state or larger.
Allows the client to return jobs without a set location, specifically, telecommuting jobs (telecommuting is considered by the service as a special location). Job.posting_region indicates if a job permits telecommuting. If this field is set to TelecommutePreference.TELECOMMUTE_ALLOWED, telecommuting jobs are searched, and address and lat_lng are ignored. If not set or set to TelecommutePreference.TELECOMMUTE_EXCLUDED, the telecommute status of the jobs is ignored. Jobs that have PostingRegion.TELECOMMUTE and have additional Job.addresses may still be matched based on other location filters using address or [latlng][]. This filter can be used by itself to search exclusively for telecommuting jobs, or it can be combined with another location filter to search for a combination of job locations, such as "Mountain View" or "telecommuting" jobs. However, when used in combination with other location filters, telecommuting jobs can be treated as less relevant than other jobs in the search response. This field is only used for job search requests.




Specify whether to include telecommute jobs.

Values: TELECOMMUTE_PREFERENCE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Default value if the telecommute preference isn't specified. TELECOMMUTE_EXCLUDED (1): Deprecated: Ignore telecommute status of jobs. Use TELECOMMUTE_JOBS_EXCLUDED if want to exclude telecommute jobs. TELECOMMUTE_ALLOWED (2): Allow telecommute jobs. TELECOMMUTE_JOBS_EXCLUDED (3): Exclude telecommute jobs.