Class JobCategory (2.9.1)

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An enum that represents the categorization or primary focus of specific role. This value is different than the "industry" associated with a role, which is related to the categorization of the company listing the job.

Values: JOB_CATEGORY_UNSPECIFIED (0): The default value if the category isn't specified. ACCOUNTING_AND_FINANCE (1): An accounting and finance job, such as an Accountant. ADMINISTRATIVE_AND_OFFICE (2): An administrative and office job, such as an Administrative Assistant. ADVERTISING_AND_MARKETING (3): An advertising and marketing job, such as Marketing Manager. ANIMAL_CARE (4): An animal care job, such as Veterinarian. ART_FASHION_AND_DESIGN (5): An art, fashion, or design job, such as Designer. BUSINESS_OPERATIONS (6): A business operations job, such as Business Operations Manager. CLEANING_AND_FACILITIES (7): A cleaning and facilities job, such as Custodial Staff. COMPUTER_AND_IT (8): A computer and IT job, such as Systems Administrator. CONSTRUCTION (9): A construction job, such as General Laborer. CUSTOMER_SERVICE (10): A customer service job, such s Cashier. EDUCATION (11): An education job, such as School Teacher. ENTERTAINMENT_AND_TRAVEL (12): An entertainment and travel job, such as Flight Attendant. FARMING_AND_OUTDOORS (13): A farming or outdoor job, such as Park Ranger. HEALTHCARE (14): A healthcare job, such as Registered Nurse. HUMAN_RESOURCES (15): A human resources job, such as Human Resources Director. INSTALLATION_MAINTENANCE_AND_REPAIR (16): An installation, maintenance, or repair job, such as Electrician. LEGAL (17): A legal job, such as Law Clerk. MANAGEMENT (18): A management job, often used in conjunction with another category, such as Store Manager. MANUFACTURING_AND_WAREHOUSE (19): A manufacturing or warehouse job, such as Assembly Technician. MEDIA_COMMUNICATIONS_AND_WRITING (20): A media, communications, or writing job, such as Media Relations. OIL_GAS_AND_MINING (21): An oil, gas or mining job, such as Offshore Driller. PERSONAL_CARE_AND_SERVICES (22): A personal care and services job, such as Hair Stylist. PROTECTIVE_SERVICES (23): A protective services job, such as Security Guard. REAL_ESTATE (24): A real estate job, such as Buyer's Agent. RESTAURANT_AND_HOSPITALITY (25): A restaurant and hospitality job, such as Restaurant Server. SALES_AND_RETAIL (26): A sales and/or retail job, such Sales Associate. SCIENCE_AND_ENGINEERING (27): A science and engineering job, such as Lab Technician. SOCIAL_SERVICES_AND_NON_PROFIT (28): A social services or non-profit job, such as Case Worker. SPORTS_FITNESS_AND_RECREATION (29): A sports, fitness, or recreation job, such as Personal Trainer. TRANSPORTATION_AND_LOGISTICS (30): A transportation or logistics job, such as Truck Driver.