Class PostingRegion (2.10.1)

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An enum that represents the job posting region. In most cases, job postings don't need to specify a region. If a region is given, jobs are eligible for searches in the specified region.

Values: POSTING_REGION_UNSPECIFIED (0): If the region is unspecified, the job is only returned if it matches the LocationFilter. ADMINISTRATIVE_AREA (1): In addition to exact location matching, job posting is returned when the LocationFilter in the search query is in the same administrative area as the returned job posting. For example, if a ADMINISTRATIVE_AREA job is posted in "CA, USA", it's returned if LocationFilter has "Mountain View".

    Administrative area refers to top-level administrative
    subdivision of this country. For example, US state, IT
    region, UK constituent nation and JP prefecture.
    In addition to exact location matching, job is returned when
    <xref uid="">LocationFilter</xref> in
    search query is in the same country as this job. For
    example, if a `NATION_WIDE` job is posted in "USA", it's
    returned if
    <xref uid="">LocationFilter</xref> has
    'Mountain View'.
    Job allows employees to work remotely
    (telecommute). If locations are provided with
    this value, the job is considered as having a
    location, but telecommuting is allowed.