Package types (2.13.2)

API documentation for talent_v4.types package.



Request to create a batch of jobs.


The result of JobService.BatchCreateJobs. It's used to replace google.longrunning.Operation.response][google.longrunning.Operation.response] in case of success.


Request to delete a batch of jobs.


The result of JobService.BatchDeleteJobs. It's used to replace google.longrunning.Operation.response][google.longrunning.Operation.response] in case of success.


Metadata used for long running operations returned by CTS batch APIs. It's used to replace google.longrunning.Operation.metadata][google.longrunning.Operation.metadata].


Request to update a batch of jobs.


The result of JobService.BatchUpdateJobs. It's used to replace google.longrunning.Operation.response][google.longrunning.Operation.response] in case of success.


An event issued when an end user interacts with the application that implements Cloud Talent Solution. Providing this information improves the quality of results for the API clients, enabling the service to perform optimally. The number of events sent must be consistent with other calls, such as job searches, issued to the service by the client.

.. _oneof:


Parameters needed for commute search.

This message has oneof_ fields (mutually exclusive fields). For each oneof, at most one member field can be set at the same time. Setting any member of the oneof automatically clears all other members.

.. _oneof:


Method for commute. Walking, biking and wheelchair accessible transit is still in the Preview stage.

Values: COMMUTE_METHOD_UNSPECIFIED (0): Commute method isn't specified. DRIVING (1): Commute time is calculated based on driving time. TRANSIT (2): Commute time is calculated based on public transit including bus, metro, subway, and so on. WALKING (3): Commute time is calculated based on walking time. CYCLING (4): Commute time is calculated based on biking time. TRANSIT_ACCESSIBLE (5): Commute time is calculated based on public transit that is wheelchair accessible.


A Company resource represents a company in the service. A company is the entity that owns job postings, that is, the hiring entity responsible for employing applicants for the job position.


An enum that represents the size of the company.

Values: COMPANY_SIZE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Default value if the size isn't specified. MINI (1): The company has less than 50 employees. SMALL (2): The company has between 50 and 99 employees. SMEDIUM (3): The company has between 100 and 499 employees. MEDIUM (4): The company has between 500 and 999 employees. BIG (5): The company has between 1,000 and 4,999 employees. BIGGER (6): The company has between 5,000 and 9,999 employees. GIANT (7): The company has 10,000 or more employees.


Filter on job compensation type and amount.


Job compensation details.


Auto-complete parameters.


Response of auto-complete query.


The report event request.


The Request of the CreateCompany method.


Create job request.


The Request of the CreateTenant method.


Custom attribute values that are either filterable or non-filterable.


Educational degree level defined in International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED).

Values: DEGREE_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Default value. Represents no degree, or early childhood education. Maps to ISCED code 0. Ex) Kindergarten PRIMARY_EDUCATION (1): Primary education which is typically the first stage of compulsory education. ISCED code

  1. Ex) Elementary school LOWER_SECONDARY_EDUCATION (2): Lower secondary education; First stage of secondary education building on primary education, typically with a more subject-oriented curriculum. ISCED code 2. Ex) Middle school UPPER_SECONDARY_EDUCATION (3): Middle education; Second/final stage of secondary education preparing for tertiary education and/or providing skills relevant to employment. Usually with an increased range of subject options and streams. ISCED code 3. Ex) High school ADULT_REMEDIAL_EDUCATION (4): Adult Remedial Education; Programmes providing learning experiences that build on secondary education and prepare for labour market entry and/or tertiary education. The content is broader than secondary but not as complex as tertiary education. ISCED code 4. ASSOCIATES_OR_EQUIVALENT (5): Associate's or equivalent; Short first tertiary programmes that are typically practically-based, occupationally-specific and prepare for labour market entry. These programmes may also provide a pathway to other tertiary programmes. ISCED code 5. BACHELORS_OR_EQUIVALENT (6): Bachelor's or equivalent; Programmes designed to provide intermediate academic and/or professional knowledge, skills and competencies leading to a first tertiary degree or equivalent qualification. ISCED code 6. MASTERS_OR_EQUIVALENT (7): Master's or equivalent; Programmes designed to provide advanced academic and/or professional knowledge, skills and competencies leading to a second tertiary degree or equivalent qualification. ISCED code 7. DOCTORAL_OR_EQUIVALENT (8): Doctoral or equivalent; Programmes designed primarily to lead to an advanced research qualification, usually concluding with the submission and defense of a substantive dissertation of publishable quality based on original research. ISCED code 8.


Request to delete a company.


Delete job request.


Request to delete a tenant.


Device information collected from the job seeker, candidate, or other entity conducting the job search. Providing this information improves the quality of the search results across devices.


An enum that represents the employment type of a job.

Values: EMPLOYMENT_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED (0): The default value if the employment type isn't specified. FULL_TIME (1): The job requires working a number of hours that constitute full time employment, typically 40 or more hours per week. PART_TIME (2): The job entails working fewer hours than a full time job, typically less than 40 hours a week. CONTRACTOR (3): The job is offered as a contracted, as opposed to a salaried employee, position. CONTRACT_TO_HIRE (4): The job is offered as a contracted position with the understanding that it's converted into a full-time position at the end of the contract. Jobs of this type are also returned by a search for EmploymentType.CONTRACTOR jobs. TEMPORARY (5): The job is offered as a temporary employment opportunity, usually a short-term engagement. INTERN (6): The job is a fixed-term opportunity for students or entry-level job seekers to obtain on-the-job training, typically offered as a summer position. VOLUNTEER (7): The is an opportunity for an individual to volunteer, where there's no expectation of compensation for the provided services. PER_DIEM (8): The job requires an employee to work on an as-needed basis with a flexible schedule. FLY_IN_FLY_OUT (9): The job involves employing people in remote areas and flying them temporarily to the work site instead of relocating employees and their families permanently. OTHER_EMPLOYMENT_TYPE (10): The job does not fit any of the other listed types.


Request for getting a company by name.


Get job request.


Request for getting a tenant by name.


The histogram request.


Histogram result that matches HistogramQuery specified in searches.


Option for HTML content sanitization on user input fields, for example, job description. By setting this option, user can determine whether and how sanitization is performed on these fields.

Values: HTML_SANITIZATION_UNSPECIFIED (0): Default value. HTML_SANITIZATION_DISABLED (1): Disables sanitization on HTML input. SIMPLE_FORMATTING_ONLY (2): Sanitizes HTML input, only accepts bold, italic, ordered list, and unordered list markup tags.


A Job resource represents a job posting (also referred to as a "job listing" or "job requisition"). A job belongs to a Company, which is the hiring entity responsible for the job.


An enum that represents employee benefits included with the job.

Values: JOB_BENEFIT_UNSPECIFIED (0): Default value if the type isn't specified. CHILD_CARE (1): The job includes access to programs that support child care, such as daycare. DENTAL (2): The job includes dental services covered by a dental insurance plan. DOMESTIC_PARTNER (3): The job offers specific benefits to domestic partners. FLEXIBLE_HOURS (4): The job allows for a flexible work schedule. MEDICAL (5): The job includes health services covered by a medical insurance plan. LIFE_INSURANCE (6): The job includes a life insurance plan provided by the employer or available for purchase by the employee. PARENTAL_LEAVE (7): The job allows for a leave of absence to a parent to care for a newborn child. RETIREMENT_PLAN (8): The job includes a workplace retirement plan provided by the employer or available for purchase by the employee. SICK_DAYS (9): The job allows for paid time off due to illness. VACATION (10): The job includes paid time off for vacation. VISION (11): The job includes vision services covered by a vision insurance plan.


An enum that represents the categorization or primary focus of specific role. This value is different than the "industry" associated with a role, which is related to the categorization of the company listing the job.

Values: JOB_CATEGORY_UNSPECIFIED (0): The default value if the category isn't specified. ACCOUNTING_AND_FINANCE (1): An accounting and finance job, such as an Accountant. ADMINISTRATIVE_AND_OFFICE (2): An administrative and office job, such as an Administrative Assistant. ADVERTISING_AND_MARKETING (3): An advertising and marketing job, such as Marketing Manager. ANIMAL_CARE (4): An animal care job, such as Veterinarian. ART_FASHION_AND_DESIGN (5): An art, fashion, or design job, such as Designer. BUSINESS_OPERATIONS (6): A business operations job, such as Business Operations Manager. CLEANING_AND_FACILITIES (7): A cleaning and facilities job, such as Custodial Staff. COMPUTER_AND_IT (8): A computer and IT job, such as Systems Administrator. CONSTRUCTION (9): A construction job, such as General Laborer. CUSTOMER_SERVICE (10): A customer service job, such s Cashier. EDUCATION (11): An education job, such as School Teacher. ENTERTAINMENT_AND_TRAVEL (12): An entertainment and travel job, such as Flight Attendant. FARMING_AND_OUTDOORS (13): A farming or outdoor job, such as Park Ranger. HEALTHCARE (14): A healthcare job, such as Registered Nurse. HUMAN_RESOURCES (15): A human resources job, such as Human Resources Director. INSTALLATION_MAINTENANCE_AND_REPAIR (16): An installation, maintenance, or repair job, such as Electrician. LEGAL (17): A legal job, such as Law Clerk. MANAGEMENT (18): A management job, often used in conjunction with another category, such as Store Manager. MANUFACTURING_AND_WAREHOUSE (19): A manufacturing or warehouse job, such as Assembly Technician. MEDIA_COMMUNICATIONS_AND_WRITING (20): A media, communications, or writing job, such as Media Relations. OIL_GAS_AND_MINING (21): An oil, gas or mining job, such as Offshore Driller. PERSONAL_CARE_AND_SERVICES (22): A personal care and services job, such as Hair Stylist. PROTECTIVE_SERVICES (23): A protective services job, such as Security Guard. REAL_ESTATE (24): A real estate job, such as Buyer's Agent. RESTAURANT_AND_HOSPITALITY (25): A restaurant and hospitality job, such as Restaurant Server. SALES_AND_RETAIL (26): A sales and/or retail job, such Sales Associate. SCIENCE_AND_ENGINEERING (27): A science and engineering job, such as Lab Technician. SOCIAL_SERVICES_AND_NON_PROFIT (28): A social services or non-profit job, such as Case Worker. SPORTS_FITNESS_AND_RECREATION (29): A sports, fitness, or recreation job, such as Personal Trainer. TRANSPORTATION_AND_LOGISTICS (30): A transportation or logistics job, such as Truck Driver.


An event issued when a job seeker interacts with the application that implements Cloud Talent Solution.


An enum that represents the required experience level required for the job.

Values: JOB_LEVEL_UNSPECIFIED (0): The default value if the level isn't specified. ENTRY_LEVEL (1): Entry-level individual contributors, typically with less than 2 years of experience in a similar role. Includes interns. EXPERIENCED (2): Experienced individual contributors, typically with 2+ years of experience in a similar role. MANAGER (3): Entry- to mid-level managers responsible for managing a team of people. DIRECTOR (4): Senior-level managers responsible for managing teams of managers. EXECUTIVE (5): Executive-level managers and above, including C-level positions.


The query required to perform a search query.


Mutation result of a job from a batch operation.


An enum that specifies the job attributes that are returned in the MatchingJob.job or fields.

Values: JOB_VIEW_UNSPECIFIED (0): Default value. JOB_VIEW_ID_ONLY (1): A ID only view of job, with following attributes:, Job.requisition_id, Job.language_code. JOB_VIEW_MINIMAL (2): A minimal view of the job, with the following attributes:, Job.requisition_id, Job.title,, Job.DerivedInfo.locations, Job.language_code. JOB_VIEW_SMALL (3): A small view of the job, with the following attributes in the search results:, Job.requisition_id, Job.title,, Job.DerivedInfo.locations, Job.visibility, Job.language_code, Job.description. JOB_VIEW_FULL (4): All available attributes are included in the search results.


List companies for which the client has ACL visibility.


The List companies response object.


List jobs request.


List jobs response.


List tenants for which the client has ACL visibility.


The List tenants response object.


A resource that represents a location with full geographic information.


Geographic region of the search.


An enum that represents the job posting region. In most cases, job postings don't need to specify a region. If a region is given, jobs are eligible for searches in the specified region.

Values: POSTING_REGION_UNSPECIFIED (0): If the region is unspecified, the job is only returned if it matches the LocationFilter. ADMINISTRATIVE_AREA (1): In addition to exact location matching, job posting is returned when the LocationFilter in the search query is in the same administrative area as the returned job posting. For example, if a ADMINISTRATIVE_AREA job is posted in "CA, USA", it's returned if LocationFilter has "Mountain View".

    Administrative area refers to top-level administrative
    subdivision of this country. For example, US state, IT
    region, UK constituent nation and JP prefecture.
    In addition to exact location matching, job is returned when
    <xref uid="">LocationFilter</xref> in
    search query is in the same country as this job. For
    example, if a `NATION_WIDE` job is posted in "USA", it's
    returned if
    <xref uid="">LocationFilter</xref> has
    'Mountain View'.
    Job allows employees to work remotely
    (telecommute). If locations are provided with
    this value, the job is considered as having a
    location, but telecommuting is allowed.


Meta information related to the job searcher or entity conducting the job search. This information is used to improve the performance of the service.


Additional information returned to client, such as debugging information.


The Request body of the SearchJobs call.


Response for SearchJob method.


Spell check result.


A Tenant resource represents a tenant in the service. A tenant is a group or entity that shares common access with specific privileges for resources like jobs. Customer may create multiple tenants to provide data isolation for different groups.


Message representing a period of time between two timestamps.


Request for updating a specified company.


Update job request.


Request for updating a specified tenant.


Deprecated. All resources are only visible to the owner.

An enum that represents who has view access to the resource.

Values: VISIBILITY_UNSPECIFIED (0): Default value. ACCOUNT_ONLY (1): The resource is only visible to the GCP account who owns it. SHARED_WITH_GOOGLE (2): The resource is visible to the owner and may be visible to other applications and processes at Google. SHARED_WITH_PUBLIC (3): The resource is visible to the owner and may be visible to all other API clients.