Class LocationType (2.13.1)


An enum which represents the type of a location.

Values: LOCATION_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Default value if the type isn't specified. COUNTRY (1): A country level location. ADMINISTRATIVE_AREA (2): A state or equivalent level location. SUB_ADMINISTRATIVE_AREA (3): A county or equivalent level location. LOCALITY (4): A city or equivalent level location. POSTAL_CODE (5): A postal code level location. SUB_LOCALITY (6): A sublocality is a subdivision of a locality, for example a city borough, ward, or arrondissement. Sublocalities are usually recognized by a local political authority. For example, Manhattan and Brooklyn are recognized as boroughs by the City of New York, and are therefore modeled as sublocalities. SUB_LOCALITY_1 (7): A district or equivalent level location. SUB_LOCALITY_2 (8): A smaller district or equivalent level display. NEIGHBORHOOD (9): A neighborhood level location. STREET_ADDRESS (10): A street address level location.