Class KeywordMatchMode (2.13.2)


Controls what keyword matching behavior the search has. When keyword matching is enabled, a keyword match returns jobs that may not match given category filters when there are matching keywords. For example, for the query "program manager" with KeywordMatchMode set to KEYWORD_MATCH_ALL, a job posting with the title "software developer," which doesn't fall into "program manager" ontology, and "program manager" appearing in its description will be surfaced.

For queries like "cloud" that don't contain title or location specific ontology, jobs with "cloud" keyword matches are returned regardless of this enum's value.

Use Company.keyword_searchable_job_custom_attributes if company-specific globally matched custom field/attribute string values are needed. Enabling keyword match improves recall of subsequent search requests.

Values: KEYWORD_MATCH_MODE_UNSPECIFIED (0): The keyword match option isn't specified. Defaults to KeywordMatchMode.KEYWORD_MATCH_ALL behavior. KEYWORD_MATCH_DISABLED (1): Disables keyword matching. KEYWORD_MATCH_ALL (2): Enable keyword matching over Job.title, Job.description, Job.company_display_name, Job.addresses, Job.qualifications, and keyword searchable Job.custom_attributes fields. KEYWORD_MATCH_TITLE_ONLY (3): Only enable keyword matching over Job.title.