Class CommuteFilter (2.0.0)

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CommuteFilter(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Parameters needed for commute search.


commute_method `.common.CommuteMethod`
Required. The method of transportation to calculate the commute time for.
start_coordinates `.latlng.LatLng`
Required. The latitude and longitude of the location to calculate the commute time from.
travel_duration `.duration.Duration`
Required. The maximum travel time in seconds. The maximum allowed value is ``3600s`` (one hour). Format is ``123s``.
allow_imprecise_addresses bool
If ``true``, jobs without street level addresses may also be returned. For city level addresses, the city center is used. For state and coarser level addresses, text matching is used. If this field is set to ``false`` or isn't specified, only jobs that include street level addresses will be returned by commute search.
road_traffic `.filters.CommuteFilter.RoadTraffic`
Specifies the traffic density to use when calculating commute time.
departure_time `.timeofday.TimeOfDay`
The departure time used to calculate traffic impact, represented as `google.type.TimeOfDay][google.type.TimeOfDay]` in local time zone. Currently traffic model is restricted to hour level resolution.


builtins.object > proto.message.Message > CommuteFilter




The traffic density to use when calculating commute time.