Class CompensationEntry (2.0.0)

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CompensationEntry(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

A compensation entry that represents one component of compensation, such as base pay, bonus, or other compensation type.

Annualization: One compensation entry can be annualized if

  • it contains valid amount or range.
  • and its expected_units_per_year is set or can be derived. Its annualized range is determined as (amount or range) times expected_units_per_year.


type_ `.common.CompensationInfo.CompensationType`
Compensation type. Default is CompensationType.COMPENSATION_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED.
unit `.common.CompensationInfo.CompensationUnit`
Frequency of the specified amount. Default is CompensationUnit.COMPENSATION_UNIT_UNSPECIFIED.
amount `.money.Money`
Compensation amount.
range_ `.common.CompensationInfo.CompensationRange`
Compensation range.
description str
Compensation description. For example, could indicate equity terms or provide additional context to an estimated bonus.
expected_units_per_year `.wrappers.DoubleValue`
Expected number of units paid each year. If not specified, when Job.employment_types is FULLTIME, a default value is inferred based on unit. Default values: - HOURLY: 2080 - DAILY: 260 - WEEKLY: 52 - MONTHLY: 12 - ANNUAL: 1


builtins.object > proto.message.Message > CompensationEntry