Class SummarizedProfile (2.0.0)

SummarizedProfile(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Profile entry with metadata inside SearchProfilesResponse.


profiles Sequence[.gct_profile.Profile]
A list of profiles that are linked by Profile.group_id.
summary .gct_profile.Profile
A profile summary shows the profile summary and how the profile matches the search query. In profile summary, the profiles with the same Profile.group_id are merged together. Among profiles, same education/employment records may be slightly different but they are merged into one with best efforts. For example, in one profile the school name is "UC Berkeley" and the field study is "Computer Science" and in another one the school name is "University of California at Berkeley" and the field study is "CS". The API merges these two inputs into one and selects one value for each field. For example, the school name in summary is set to "University of California at Berkeley" and the field of study is set to "Computer Science".