Class Location (2.0.0)

Location(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

A resource that represents a location with full geographic information.


location_type .common.Location.LocationType
The type of a location, which corresponds to the address lines field of google.type.PostalAddress][google.type.PostalAddress]. For example, "Downtown, Atlanta, GA, USA" has a type of LocationType.NEIGHBORHOOD, and "Kansas City, KS, USA" has a type of LocationType.LOCALITY.
postal_address .gt_postal_address.PostalAddress
Postal address of the location that includes human readable information, such as postal delivery and payments addresses. Given a postal address, a postal service can deliver items to a premises, P.O. Box, or other delivery location.
lat_lng .latlng.LatLng
An object representing a latitude/longitude pair.
radius_miles float
Radius in miles of the job location. This value is derived from the location bounding box in which a circle with the specified radius centered from google.type.LatLng][google.type.LatLng] covers the area associated with the job location. For example, currently, "Mountain View, CA, USA" has a radius of 6.17 miles.




An enum which represents the type of a location.