Class CompensationType (2.0.0)

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The type of compensation.

For compensation amounts specified in non-monetary amounts, describe the compensation scheme in the CompensationEntry.description.

For example, tipping format is described in CompensationEntry.description (for example, "expect 15-20% tips based on customer bill.") and an estimate of the tips provided in CompensationEntry.amount or CompensationEntry.range ($10 per hour).

For example, equity is described in CompensationEntry.description (for example, "1% - 2% equity vesting over 4 years, 1 year cliff") and value estimated in CompensationEntry.amount or CompensationEntry.range. If no value estimate is possible, units are CompensationUnit.COMPENSATION_UNIT_UNSPECIFIED and then further clarified in CompensationEntry.description field.


builtins.object > > builtins.object > enum.Enum > enum.IntEnum > proto.enums.Enum > CompensationType